XII Annual International Scientific Student Conference «Contemporary Global Trends: Challenges and Risks for Central Asia»

On 9th Аpril 2020, the Kazakh-German University holds the XII Annual International Scientific Student Conference «Contemporary Global Trends: Challenges and Risks for Central Asia». The conference aims to bring together undergraduate and graduate students from across Central Asia to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of global developments and how they impact the region of Central Asia.

The development of modern societies is driven by the process of large-scale changes and new global challenges associated with geopolitical, financial, and energy instability, as well as food, environmental, and information security, and the competition in the sphere of research and technologies. How do these changes impact the countries of Central Asia? To what extent does the current economic and socio-political situation in Central Asian countries provide for a dynamic and sustainable development of these countries in medium term? How the development strategies of these countries should look like against the backdrop of competition of global and regional centers of power? What development opportunities and prospects do Central Asian countries have in face of the existing reality? All these are the issues that will be discussed during the conference.

The conference will be held in five sections:


Section 1 Transformation of International Relations in the XXI century

Section 2 Current problems of modern economy and in business

Section 3 Logistic, energy and environmental trends

Section 4 Modern digital trends

Section 5 Problems and prospects of digitalization in education.

Venue: Kazakh-German University, Nazarbayev avenue 173, Almaty

Registration start: 09:30

Conference opening: 10:00

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English

All inquiries concerning the organization of the conference should be directed to Dr. Dinara Tyulyubayeva, Associate Professor, Director of the Department for Science and Innovation at Kazakh-German University. Contacts: +7 (727) 355 05 51 (231), tyulyubayeva@dku.kz

We invite all interested undergraduate and graduate students to take part in the Conference.

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