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Library Rules and Regulations

The use of the Kazakh-German University library

1. General regulations.

1.1. The library rules of the Kazakh-German University are based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About culture», dated 15.12.2006 No. 207−3 (amendments and additions, dated 22.01.2016), Chapter 5, «Activities in the field of culture» article 24 «librarianship», the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK dated from 19.01.2016 № 44 «On approval of Rules for formation, use and preservation of library fund of state education organizations «, and the Charter of the University.

1.2. The rules set general terms of library user services, their rights, obligations, and library documentation procedure.

1.3. Library documentation is carried out both in electronic and traditional forms.

1.4. The library is a structural division of the university. The library is a university property. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, university staff have the right to use it free of charge.

1.5. The library also serves individuals who are not employees or students of the university on a fee basis. A single entry is 200 tenge.

1.6. The library provides additional services such as lending books for a short period of time («night pass»), or until the end of a working day for making copies.

2. The procedure of creating an account in the library

2.1. The library membership of the faculty is carried out after the introduction by the Dean of the Department or HR Manager. The students are able to use the library on the basis of their admission to the university, and after showing their student IDs.

2.2. Students, trainees, researchers and other categories of citizens who are not employees and students of the university are entitled to use the library in reading rooms on a fee basis.

2.3. Before having access to the library resources readers are required to read the library rules and regulations. They are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the library, and sign in the form of the reader confirming to follow them.

2.4. The library re-registers readers annually, therefore all the books borrowed by them must be returned at the end of the academic year.

2.5. Full time students and students of the second higher education are re-registered every year after the end of the summer session.

2.6. Users who do not re-register will lose the right to use the library.

3. Rules for the use of library

3.1. Students are required to present student IDs when borrowing books.

3.2. Book loan is recorded in the reader's form and e-reader form. Borrowers sign for each copy of the book or other materials in the reader’s form. Librarians sign in the reader’s form after the books are returned.

3.3. Readers are entitled to borrow the following amount of literature:

  • faculty can borrow 10−15 units with a mandatory extension of the return period;
  • students can borrow educational and methodical literature for up to 20 days maximum 3 units each. One book on one subject with a mandatory extension of the deadline, the total number of publications at a time is no more than 10 units;

3.4. Educational literature which is in curricula can be lent for the whole semester with mandatory renewal every 20 days;

3.5. Not more than 5 units of fiction in the Russian language can be borrowed for 20 days with the extension of the return period;

3.6. The students of the second higher education and master programme can borrow all books up to 10 units for 20 days if there is a dublicate in the library with a mandatory extension period;

3.7. Students with overdue materials will not be able to use the library during one month, but can use the reading rooms;

3.8. Literature in a single copy cannot be borrowed.

4. Rights and responsibilities of readers

Users are allowed to:

4.1. extend the return period of literature, if there is no demand from other users;

4.2. use the main services provided by the library, namely, reading rooms, day and night passes;

4.3. receive assistance in searching and selection of information sources;

4.4. use the data of the electronic catalogue, AWS, and the Internet;

4.5. get full information on the library, service procedure, and the rules of library use.

The user is obliged to:

4.6. treat the library property very carefully, especially printed media (not to tear and not bend the pages, to make notes on them, not to stick bookmarks, etc.) and return them on time;

4.7. check all the materials they borrow carefully whether they are in good condition and to warn the librarian if they are damaged;

4.8. return the same publication, or replace it with another in case of damage or loss of books or other printed materials. The library must recognize its equivalent in content and price. Otherwise, you need to reimburse the cost of the book tenfold (according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, dated from July 18, 2003. No. 508 «About approval of the Instruction on formation of library of the state education organizations of Kazakhstan»;

4.9. at the end of the semester students, faculty and staff are required to return all borrowed literature;

4.10. readers who have damaged the library, technical and material base will bear full material and administrative or criminal liability in accordance with the current law.

5. The rights and obligations of the library

The library has the right:

5.1. to go to court in the case of readers' material or moral damage to the library or its employees;

5.2. to exclude any readers who disregard the library rules and regulations from the use of the library for one month;

5.3. to transfer materials on violations of these terms by the user to the Dean's and Rector's office;

5.4. not to serve users who have not re-registered.

The library is obliged to:

5.7. inform readers about all kinds of services provided in the library;

5.8. check all the publications/books returned by readers, in case they are damaged, they take appropriate actions;

5.9. monitor the timely return of books and other materials systematically;

5.10. lend books and publications only after they have returned the borrowed books with overdue.

5.11. assist readers in improving reading culture;

5.12. create favourable conditions for work in the library;

5.13. ensure a high standard of service in accordance with the University Statute, the Code of professional ethics of higher educational institutions library staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan and these rules regulations of the library.