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About the project

Erasmus+CBHE project 585967-EPP-1−2017−1-DE-EPPKA-CBHE-JP-PRODLOG «Development of a Bologna-based Master Curriculum in Resource Efficient Production Logistics/ProdLog».

Goals of the project
Education and advanced training of managers in the sphere of resource-efficient production logistics in partner-countries Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, who will be able to meet requirements of national and international companies in creation of industry with stable and environmentally friendly methods of production ensuring long-term well-fare.

Tasks of the project:

  • Develop and introduce by February 2020, an interdisciplinary program of resource efficient production logistics for master students in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan with 18 modules (120 ECTS) in accordance with Bologna process.
  • Qualify of the staff in the partner countries universities in accordance with specific requirements of the master curriculum in efficient production logistics by October 2018
  • Create professional and methodological structures within the partner countries universities in accordance with ECTS, which will ensure establishment of the new MSc after the end of the project by October 2020
  • By October 2019, intensify cooperation in the area of production logistics between universities and logistics companies and the companies which need logistics experts.