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Business Management

Faculty of Economics & Business

Major subjects for UNT: mathematics and geography


This programme prepares professionals to ensure stable work of the enterprise, profit growth and competitiveness. Managers are responsible for increasing the efficiency of the staff, improving the quality of goods and services of the company.

You will gain knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and business management based on modern methods and computer technology.

Since the major courses of the specialty are conducted by lecturers/professors from Germany our students get the best European competences.



  • Budgeting and business organization
  • Business planning
  • Production management and risks
  • Sales management and branding
  • Logistics



A good command of two foreign languages enables our graduates to work as managers at different levels:

  • at international companies;
  • at joint and foreign enterprises;
  • at consulting companies;
  • in private sector;
  • in project activities.
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    Student support

    Earn scholarships that cover tuition fees and living costs by your intellectual work.

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    Double Degree programme

    Study on Double Degree programme with international accreditation financed by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.

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    Professors from Germany

    You can attend lectures and classes conducted by professors from Germany, without leaving Kazakhstan.

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    Continuing education abroad

    You have opportunity to do internship in Germany, and after earning a bachelor’s degree you can study further there or in other countries.