You need to go through several stages to be admitted to Kazakh-German University:

1. Unified National Test or Complex Test

The certificate of the Unified National Test (UNT) or Complex testing (CT) is a mandatory condition of admission.

UNT is for those graduating from secondary school this year.

CT is for those who graduated from high school last year or previous years and graduates of technical and vocational schools.

The test result must be at least 50 points to be admitted to university. This is the requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science. Major subjects must be selected in accordance with the speciality you intend to apply for.

Major subjects for UNT/CT for specialties at KGU:

  • Marketing — Mathematics and Geography
  • Finance — Mathematics and Geography
  • Management — Mathematics and Geography
  • Transport Logistics — Mathematics and Geography
  • Information Systems (Information Engineering in Economy) — Mathematics and Physics
  • Information Systems (Telematics) — Mathematics and Physics
  • Information Systems (Mobile Computing) — Mathematics and Physics
  • Heat Power Engineering (Energy and Environment Engineering) — Mathematics and Physics
  • International Relations — English/German language and History

2. Internal admission procedure at KGU

Each applicant in addition to the UNT must take an internal entrance examination at KGU.

You need to collect a list of documents to register for the entrance examination and submit it to the Admissions office at least seven days before the exam.

Entrance exam at KGU has two parts:

Part I: Written exam (test)

Test consists of four subjects:

  • Mathematics (10 tasks);
  • History (5 questions on World History; 5questions on History of Kazakhstan);
  • Economy and society (10 questions);
  • Foreign language (English and/or German — 50 questions).

Part II: Interview

The interview is held next day after testing. You need to answer the questions of the Committee. The purpose of this interview is not to demonstrate your knowledge, but your motivation and attitude to your future study.

Dates of the internal admission procedure at KGU, 2019

  • 13−14. March
  • 17−18. April
  • 22−23. May
  • 5−6. June
  • 19−20. June
  • 10−11. July
  • 24−25. July
  • 14−15. August

Documents required for application to bachelor programme

  • certificate of secondary education/college diploma;
  • certificate of UNT/CT;
  • copy of identity card;
  • medical card, form 086 (fluorography must be attached);
  • a copy of the vaccination card;
  • 6 photos 3×4;
  • CV/resume;
  • copy of military registration card (for boys);
  • home address statement (document showing current home address).