If you do not speak German, you must know English at Intermediate/B1 level at the time of admission. However, speaking the German language is advantageous. Students with Deutsches Sprachdiplom (B2, C1), who scored at least 75 points at the UNT and at least 50% at the admission exam of KGU, will receive a 25% of tuition fee scholarship in the first year of study;

Yes, the UNT/CT exam is a required condition for admission to our university.

To be admitted to university it is necessary to have a threshold score, which is set by the Ministry of Education (MES). It is 50 points in 2018.

The entrance exam consists of two parts. The first part is computer-based tests in Mathematics, History of Kazakhstan, World History, Economics and foreign language (English or/and German). The next day you will have an interview with the Selection Committee consisting of three blocks: motivation, idea of the future specialty and conversation in a foreign language.

In the evening of the interview day you will learn about the decision of the Selection Committee.

No, the entrance exam is allowed to be taken only once.

The entrance exam is held every month starting from March. You can choose the date of the exam yourself based on how well prepared you are.

All tasks are the same level of difficulty at any period of the exam, so it does not matter when you take it.

— Marketing-Mathematics and Geography

— Finance-Mathematics and Geography

— Management-Mathematics and Geography

— Logistics-Mathematics and Geography

— Information Engineering in Economics-Mathematics and Physics

— Telematics-Mathematics and Physics

— Mobile Computing-Mathematics and Physics

— Heat Power Engineering (Energy and Environment Engineering)-Mathematics and Physics

— International Relations-English or German and History

Yes, there is a student dining room where cheap and tasty food is served.

— certificate of UNT/CT;
— copy of identity card;
— medical card, form 086 (fluorography must be attached);
— a copy of the vaccination card;
— 6 photos 3×4;
— CV/resume;
— copy of military registration card (for boys).

If you take our entrance exam before the end of school it is necessary to provide a copy of the report card for the 11th grade (both sides) certified by the signature and the stamp of the Director. As far as college students concerned, they need to provide a copy of record book or transcript signed and stamped by the Director.

Tuition fees are fixed for 2 years. From the 3rd year of study payment can rise to a maximum of 20% due to changes in country’s economic situation.

Subjects are conducted in Russian in the first two years. In the 3rd and 4th years of study, lectures are conducted in German and English by professors and associate professors from Germany.

Currently 80 associate professors and professors from Kazakhstan are teaching at KGU. In addition, more than 35 professors from German partner universities, as well as representatives of German companies in Kazakhstan conduct lectures at our university every year. 4 professors work at KGU on a long-term basis.

At the end of the 3rd year, students demonstrating high academic achievements and having a good command of German can study in Germany at one of the partner universities during the last year. Exchange programme is called «Double degree», those students who successfully ended their study within this programme get a German diploma and a diploma of KGU.

Graduates can do a master's programme at one of the German universities or other foreign universities.

Diploma of KGU is a state standard and recognized in Kazakhstan. However, students of our university with good academic achievements and fluent in German can finish the 4th year in Germany at one of our partner universities and get a bachelor's degree from that German university.

KGU maintains partnership relations with Kazakh and foreign companies and enterprises, including German ones, where students of KGU can do internship. The list of companies is increasing every year. Partner companies are invited to round tables, open meetings and an annual job fair at KGU to get acquainted with students.

KGU helps both students and graduates to plan their professional future. We organize excursions to partner companies, open meetings and workshops with representatives of these companies, where students can get necessary and useful contacts in advance. Graduates receive information about current vacancies, as well as current programmes for young professionals.