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There are two ways to take part in outgoing mobility in the DKU.

  • First way is participation in double degree program. More detailed information can be found here.
  • Second way is studying in a partner-university (within the country or abroad) during one semester.

Conditions of participation in the mobility program
Students of the 2−3rd years and 1st year students can participate in the mobility program. Last-year students are not eligible to take part in the mobility program, since the last year requires completion of internship and fulfillment of a thesis.

Also, students should have good academic performance in all subjects and a high level of proficiency in a foreign language, if they plan to study at one of the partner universities abroad.

Students are able to find sources of additional financing and apply for grants.
Also, students can also obtain external grants, awarded by partner universities or ministries of education of other countries.

Deadline for the submission of applications on academic mobility programs

  • Applications for summer semester to be submitted in autumn
  • Applications for winter semester to be submitted in spring

More detailed terms for applications submission will be announced on the University’s web-site and in social networks.

Stages of participation in the program

1. Following information and announcements on the web-site and on the bulletin boards about the available programs of academic mobility.
Students can also choose independently a partner university and take part in the program on a self-funded basis.

2. Learn as much information as possible about the university-partner, specialties and courses offered, and about the conditions of study and living. For this, it is better to go to the university web-site and study the necessary information.

3. If you want to study within the frames of scholarship program, take part in the competition. If you want to participate in the program on self-funded basis, please contact the international office.

4. Collect all documents required for participation in the competition and submit to the international office.

5. In the case of a successful selection, find out at the faculty the number of credits that you need to complete in the semester on academic mobility, select and agree with the dean and lecturers subjects for study at the partner university. The subjects of the partner university should coincide as much as possible with the subjects studied in the DKU. If there is an academic difference in the disciplines, it is necessary to study them through distance learning, or additionally upon returning on a paid basis (agreed at the faculty).

Besides that, please find with the faculty about compulsory components:

  • if such exist, to complete the compulsory components before departure or after arrival (to be agreed with the faculty);
  • if there are no compulsory components, then please find out about academic internship.

6. Collect full package of documents required for departure for academic mobility and submit them to the International office.

7. Apply for a visa and book accommodation at a partner university.
Student makes out visa and insurance independently!

8. While studying at a foreign university partner, keep in touch with the international office. In case of problems with the curriculum, modules, credits or other force majeure situations, please immediately inform the international office.

9. After completion of training at a partner university and on arrival, it is necessary within 3 working days

  • notify international office of return,
  • provide a transcript to the international office,
  • write a statement about restart of study in the University
  • provide the international office with a creative report (program description, acquired skills, photos, recommendations)

10. The Faculty transfers credits and disciplines.
For more information and explanations on academic mobility programs, please contact the international office (office 2, the building at Pushkin), tel. +7 (727) 355-05-51 (int. 242).

Doing internship abroad is an important advantage in building a career — not only do you get knowledge but also an invaluable experience of living and working abroad.

We are always willing to support students wishing to do an internship in Germany. However, you have to find a place for internship and cover the costs. We encourage you to read two of the largest online internship exchanges:

Spend your holidays effectively, travelling and improving your command of the German language! Find the right summer programme here: