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Academic mobility is a relocation of students or lecturers for training or carrying out researches in other higher education institution (within the country or abroad) for a certain academic period, as a rule, a semester or academic year with mandatory reoffset of the mastered educational programs in type of credits in the higher education institution.

Our University implements the program of academic mobility in two tracks:

  1. Training as part of double degree program;
  2. training as part of exchange programs (one semester in partner university).

Mobility programs are implemented between partner-universities.

Advantages of academic mobility:

  • receipt of unique study experience abroad;
  • improvement of language proficiency;
  • acquaintance with new culture and country;
  • improvement of its competency in the future;
  • cognition of oneself;
  • acquaintance with new people;
  • travels.


Contact information:

Helen Asmus
International Department
Pushkin street 111, 050010 Almaty
Phone: +7 727 355-05-51