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Admission to Bachelor programmes

To become a student of the Kazakh-German University, you need to go through several stages of admission:

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The certificate of the Unified National Testing (UNT) is a prerequisite for admission:

  • for this year's school leavers;
  • for graduates of schools of previous years and graduates of organizations of technical and vocational education.

Specialized subjects must be selected in accordance with the educational program that you plan to enroll in.

Specialized subjects at the UNT for DKU educational programs:

Group of educational programs

Name of Educational program

Specialized subjects at the UNT

B140 International relations and diplomacy

International relations

World history and English /German

B046 Finance, Economics, banking and insurance


Mathematics and geography

B044 Management and management

Enterprise management

Mathematics and geography

B047 Marketing and Advertising


Mathematics and geography

B057 Information technology


Mathematics and physics

B057 Information technology

Information engineering in the economy

Mathematics and physics

B057 Information technology

Mobile computing

Mathematics and physics

B062 Electrical engineering and Power Engineering

Energy and environmental engineering

Mathematics and physics

B095 Transport services

Transport logistics

Mathematics and geography

B095 Transport services

Production logistics

Mathematics and geography

In addition to the state testing, each entrant must pass the DKU internal entrance procedure and threshold score. The internal entrance procedure takes place in the format of online testing.

To participate, you must register in the online registration of applicants at the link The documents must be uploaded no later than 7 calendar days before the start of testing. Instructions for filling out and attaching documents are available on the website.

In case of mandatory testing, the applicant submits the original documents to the admissions committee.

Applicants who have not scored a threshold score in no more than one profile subject (mathematics, geography, physics, computer science, World History and the History of Kazakhstan) can be admitted on condition that they complete the course at the Center for Pre-Admission and Professional Education.

You can find a sample tests material here.

  • certificate of secondary general education with application /college diploma with transcript;
  • UNT certificate;
  • copy of the identity card;
  • copy of the vaccination card;
  • medical certificate form 075 (with a fluorography image);
  • photos 3×4 (6 pcs.);
  • a copy of the registration certificate (for young men);
  • a screenshot of the screen of the website with the address of permanent residence (for nonresident applicants who want to participate in the competition).

You can get detailed information about admission conditions and training at DKU from the Admissions Office:

Tel.: + 7 (727) 355 05 51 (EXT. 229)

+7 707 355 05 51 WhatsApp