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The physics laboratory is equipped with devices for laboratory work to study magnetic and electrical phenomena, the laws of statics and dynamics of rotational motion, quantum and wave properties of light, as well as properties of semiconductors. Part of the laboratory work is carried out in a virtual mode using computer technology.

The electrical engineering laboratory on the basis of multimodal computer training system allows you to carry out laboratory work on electrical engineering, electronics, theory of automatic control and computer science, the study of power supplies, measuring technology, digital signal processing and the basics of communication technology.

The renewable energy laboratory includes two demonstration units. The first one is used to generate electricity from a set of solar (photovoltaic) panels. The second one is used to produce thermal energy heated water from the solar collector.

In addition, the laboratory has measuring equipment and software used for the study of thermal power systems and energy use. The physical model of «thermal house» and thermal imaging are used to determine thermal losses at various materials. On the roof of the university building there is a laboratory stand to determine the power generated photovoltaic modules and meteorological system. There is also a corresponding laboratory equipment to determine comfortable working conditions in the premises.

The ecological chemistry laboratory is equipped with devices used for carrying out laboratory works on complex research of environment quality. In particular, qualitative and quantitative study of water and air. There are also water analyzers, conductivity meter, pH meters, gas analyzers, spectrophotometer and secondary equipment for laboratory experiments.