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Admission to Master programmes

To enroll in the DKU Master's program, you must:

  • Submit a full package of documents to Admissions Office;
  • Take the Complex Exam of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan (score at least 50 points);
  • Take an English language test at DKU;
  • Apply for a scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (part of the tuition fee).

Applications for admission for the Master's program are accepted from 15/06/2020 to 15/07/2020.

Documents for admission to the Master's degree:

  • The original of the Diploma Supplement (and copies of documents on education);
  • Certificate of participation in CT;
  • A copy of your id card;
  • 6 photos 3×4;
  • CV (a brief autobiography);
  • List of research and scientific-methodical works (if any);
  • Employment record or a notary certified copy of employment record card (if any);
  • A copy of military registration card (for men);
  • Payment receipt for exam of the MES of RK;
  • International certificate of passing the English language test according to the threshold points determined by the MES RK (if any);
  • Home address statement (for Almaty non-residents who wish to apply for scholarship)
  • Motivation letter (in Russian).

You can get detailed information about admission conditions and training at DKU from the Admissions Office:

Tel.: + 7 (727) 355 05 51 (EXT. 229)

E-mail: admission@dku.kz