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Bulat Klychbayevich Sultanov

Personal information: Kazakh, born on 6 September 1951 in Almaty.

Education background:

  • Kirov Kazakh State University, Faculty of History, special department (1968 -1974)
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, post-graduate programme, (1979−1982)

Major: Modern and Contemporary History of Western Europe and America.

Academic degree: Doctor of History (2007).

The topic of doctoral thesis is «Kazakh — Russian relations in the context of strategic interests of Russia (the end of the 20th century — the beginning of the 21st century)”. It was defended at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 25.05.2007.

The topic of candidate thesis is «German working class parties' attitude to the workers and soldiers' council during the German November Revolution of 1918−1919. It was defended at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, June 8, 1983.

Academic rank: Associate Professor, General History (1989).

Diplomatic rank: Counsellor to the diplomatic service of the first class (2002).

State awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries:

  1. Medal «10th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan» (25.08.2005);
  2. Medal «10th anniversary of Astana» (08.07.2008);
  3. Medal «10th anniversary of Shanghai Cooperation Organization» (01.03.2011);
  4. Medal «20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence» (10.11.2011);
  5. Medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan «20 years of Diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (29.06.2012);
  6. Honorary certificate of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan — President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev (20.10.2010);
  7. Order of Friendship (Russian Federation) (03.10.2011);
  8. Medal «for contribution to improving the status and prestige of book» (19.07.2012);
  9. Medal «20th anniversary of the initiative on the convocation of CICA» (01.12.2012).
  10. The «Bene Merito» honorary badge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, — «for contribution to strengthening friendship and scientific cooperation between Poland and Kazakhstan «(18.04.2013);
  11. Medal «for contribution to the development of trade unions of Kazakhstan» (20.06.2013);
  12. Badge of the Ministry of Education and Science «for services in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (10.04.2014);
  13. Medal «80th anniversary of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University» (28.05. 2015);
  14. Medal «20th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan» (15.06.2015.);
  15. Medal «20th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan» (05.08.2015);
  16. Medal after Nazir Turyakulov of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (23.06.2016);
  17. Medal «25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence» (12.12.2016);
  18. Medal of the MFA of Kazakhstan «25th anniversary of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (23.06.2017).

Honorary title:

  1. Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan (05.12.2008);
  2. Honored worker of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan (06.09.2011);
  3. Gold medal laureate after Baitursynov, Association of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011);
  4. Honorary Professor of the Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University (28.06.2011);
  5. Honorary Professor, Shanghai University of International Studies (17.04.2013).

Advanced training:

  • Institute of Advanced Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1989;
  • Freiburg University (Germany, Freiburg, 1993);
  • Goethe Institute (Germany, Berlin, 1994);
  • George C. Marshall European Centre for security studies (Germany, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2001).

Social work

  • International Advisor of the Shanghai Institute of international Studies (SIIS) in 2018−2020 (Shanghai, 02.12.2017);
  • Chairman of the Expert Club Board «One belt, One road» (Almaty, 28.11.2017);
  • Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana, 29.03.2016);
  • Member of the Dissertation Council on thesis defence for the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD), professional doctorate in 2016−2018, 6D020200 — International Relations; 6D020900 — Oriental studies (History of Science), (Almaty, 25.04.2016);
  • Member of the Scientific Expert Council at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan;
  • Member of the Expert Council of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Member of the foreign policy Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the Kazakh-German University;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Vestnik journal of the Al-Farabi KazNU. «International Relations and International Law» section;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the journal «Russia and New States of Eurasia». The journal is published by the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the journal «Multipolar». Kritische Zeitschrift fuer Sicherheitsforschung”. («Multipolarity. Journal of critical security research). Germany, Potsdam.

Work experience

  • Assistant of the Department of General History, Faculty of History, Kirov Kazakh State University (1974−1978).
  • Trainee instructor, post-graduate student of the Department of New and Contemporary History of Europe and America, Faculty of History, Lomonosov Moscow State University (1978−1982).
  • Assistant, Senior Lecturer, associate Professor of the Department of General History, Department of New and Contemporary History, Dean of Correspondence Faculty of History, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (1983−1993).
  • First Secretary, head of the Department of Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan (1993−1995).
  • Advisor, head of political group of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bonn, Germany (1995−2000).
  • Head of the Foreign Policy Department, Advisor to the Director, Deputy, first Deputy Director, Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2000−2001).
  • Director, the Centre for Foreign Policy and Analysis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2001−2002).
  • Counsellor, Head of the economic group of the Embassy of Kazakhstan, Berlin, Germany (2002−2004).
  • First Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and Politics under the Fund of the first President of Kazakhstan (2004−2005).
  • Director, Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (7 July 2005 — 16 October 2014).
  • Director of the Institute of International and Regional Cooperation of the Kazakh-German University (Almaty) (January 5, 2015- to present).

Main scientific publications: 12 books (including co-authorship) on International Relations and Security, and more than 200 articles on the same issue.