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How to write a CV

Career center — tips and advice

We have extensive experience in the employment of young specialists. We have developed several useful and effective tips about how to find your dream job for our students.

The most important part is job search strategy:

Even if you have contacted an employment agency, always start looking for a job or internship yourself too. It will significantly increase the search efficiency.

It is important to use multiple resources. We ranked online platforms for your convenience, here. In addition, we recommend monitoring the official sites of companies you are interested in, recent and up to date information on vacancies and internship is always posted in «Career» or «Vacancy' section. You can make a list of direct links to facilitate this.

Speed is not important. Even if the search has lasted for more than two weeks, remember that this is normal.

Perhaps the most important recommendation is to expand your professional network. Attend meetings, workshops, networking events related to your specialty. The more professional contacts you make, the more chances you have for a successful career.

Your Resume (CV) is your calling card

Your resume gives the first impression of you to a prospective employer. Take your time and effort to make it as efficient as possible. Some useful tips on writing a successful resume:

  1. Write only true information about yourself;
  2. If you have no work experience to write in your CV, specify the training and internship that you did during your study. This paragraph should describe in detail the following: what company you had your internship at and when, what you were in charge of and what you learned. This information will demonstrate your skills and abilities.
  3. Include the social activities that you were involved in. Describe your experience in the Student Union, Student Council at university, city or regional youth associations or experience of volunteering. Highlight what qualities you acquired in the process that would be useful to your employer; the ability to work in team, initiative, ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them, to generate and implement ideas, monitor the processes, to plan, and make reports. It is a myth that during training, we do not gain experience. The most important thing is to be able to present that.
  4. Pay attention to the spelling and format of the document. Sometimes, a small mistake can spoil the impression about you.

To write a CV you can use the template that we have developed for you, or use a CV Maker. Download the template in Russian and English here (hyperlink).

A cover letter is an essential part

The Cover letter is your opportunity to stand out among many applicants to present yourself as a strong and committed candidate. You can use our advice to write a highly effective cover letter:

  1. The letter should be clear and concise. Try to follow the rule of «three parts/sections.» Your letter should not be too long since there is a risk that it will not be read till the end. However, it should not be too short. The optimal size is half of A4 sheet;
  2. Make sure the letter reflects your enthusiasm, interest and motivation. A good letter always explains why you want to join the company in the specified position;
  3. Do not repeat all the information contained in your resume. Focus on significant achievements and projects;
  4. Spelling and punctuation must be perfect! You don't want to an impression of an illiterate candidate.