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Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology

This is the first specialized Master’s program in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Central Asia. The specificity of this educational program is that we invite students, undergraduate students with a technical (engineering, energy) background, who will receive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the design and management of renewable energy facilities, as well as in the management of the entire range of issues related to the development of green energy, including energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued a license to DKU for this Master's program in 2020.

In September 2023, the Master's programme «Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency» was granted International Programme Accreditation by the ACQUIN Institute for Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance for a period of 6 years until 30 September 2029.

This educational program was created in close cooperation with leading German universities and is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the USAID Power Central Asia (USAID PCA) regional program, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The purpose of the program

The educational Master’s program is to train highly qualified specialists of international level in the field of strategic management of renewable energy and energy efficiency, who are able to manage renewable energy facilities, using the skills of strategic and innovative management, improving energy saving and energy efficiency of energy networks and decentralized sources of renewable energy, using advanced economic and managerial approaches.

An important feature of this master’s program is the transfer of German experience to Kazakhstan and in general to Central Asia, since none of the Central Asian countries has a specialized master’s programs in the management of renewable energy.

Who can apply?

Bachelors and Masters in Engineering and Technology, Thermal Power Engineering, Electric Power Engineering and other engineering and environmental professions, as well as employees of renewable energy companies and government organizations who would like to promote green energy in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, Afghanistan and Mongolia. In addition, representatives of economic and management professions are welcome to apply. Applications from young female professionals and female students are strongly encouraged.

Advantages of the program

— Developed in collaboration with German universities and DKU professors, as well as business representatives.

— Transfer of German experience in this industry to the Central Asian region since there are no specialized master's degree programs in the field of renewable energy management in the countries of the region yet.

— Lectures are given by lecturers from leading German universities.

— Invited lecturers from leading companies in the energy sector of Kazakhstan.

— 10 USAID scholarships covering all expenses for tuition, accommodation, meals and transportation.

— 7 OSCE scholarships for women from CA, Afghanistan and Mongolia, covering full tuition, accommodation, transportation and visa costs (for Afghanistan, Mongolia and Turkmenistan).

— Participation in the Educational Trip to study the best practices in the use of renewable energy sources: Renewable Energy Trip.

Admission conditions

1. Submit an application via Google Form by July 1, 2024 (;

2. Collect and send scans of documents by July 15, 2024 to for preliminary check;

3. Register in the system of Online Registration of DKU applicants. You can download the User Manualat

4. For citizens of Kazakhstan — pass the comprehensive testing (CT)(, provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for admission to the Master's program (to score at least 75 points). Information about the comprehensive testing and its cost you can find here Registration for the CT is available only until July 15.

According to the results of the CT to score at least 75 points, at the same time on the foreign language — at least 25 points, on the profile of the group of educational programs: with the choice of one correct answer — at least 7 points, with the choice of one or more correct answers — at least 7 points, on the test to determine readiness for learning — at least 7 points), which will be held on the following dates: from July 20 to August 10;

For foreign citizens — pass the tests in DKU on knowledge of English language and subjects of the specialty in English (Management, Business Organization) before the date of interview (till August 3):

  • get an appointment for the test from the Admissions Office;
  • get a login and password for the Indigo from the system administrator;
  • undergo a briefing from the system administrator the day before the scheduled test day;
  • take the test electronically.

5. Pass an interview with the Admissions Commission for admission (August 4 and 7). During the interview, you will have to answer the questions on physics and your essay/CV:

  • get an appointment for the interview from the Admissions Office;
  • pass the interview successfully;
  • tell about your essay.

6. Receive the results of the competition and sign the contract (upon admission.

7. Those who are admitted — submit original documents to the DKU Admissions Office by August 20.

According to the results of the CT to score at least 75 points, at the same time on the foreign language — at least 25 points, on the profile of the group

For foreigners and citizens of Kazakhstan with foreign diplomas — undergo nostrification (during the first semester). IT IS NECESSARY TO START THE NOSTRIFICATION PROCEDURE UNTIL AUGUST 28 AND RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE ABOUT IT. Submit the certificate to the DKU Admissions Office.

Documents need to be apostille stamped!

If the applicant cannot personally come to Kazakhstan within the specified period of time, he/she should make a general power of attorney for the DKU representative and send all documents together with the power of attorney and apostille by mail. The documents must reach the DKU Admissions Office no later than August 20, otherwise they will not have time to start the nostrification procedure.

It will be necessary to transfer money for the payment of a translator, notary in Kazakhstan and other expenses related to nostrification.

According to the regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all foreign students must undergo the nostrification procedure despite international agreements on diploma recognition.

  • Complete the prerequisites (if necessary) in August — September.
  • get an appointment for a prerequisite course from the DKU Admissions Office.
  • pay the prerequisite fee via the bank.
  • complete the prerequisite course successfully.

Language requirements:

  • The language of instruction is English. A good command of English is a necessary condition for admission.
  • All candidates (nominated/ self-nominated) must have sufficient English language proficiency or provide a certificate of International English Language Testing. For citizens of Kazakhstan, it is required to pass the state exam of the Republic of Kazakhstan in English Language (in the presence of international certificates confirming foreign language proficiency, the applicant entering the Master's program is exempted from the foreign language block at will), Analytical and Critical Thinking, Management and Business Organization.
  • We also offer an online English preparatory course.

Scans of the following documents must be submitted to by July 15:

  • The original diploma with an appendix, notarized copies of the diploma with an appendix and a translation into Kazakh or Russian;
  • Medical certificate in the form 075/y in electronic format, approved by order No. ҚР ДСМ-175/2020, issued in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (issued in Kazakhstan);
  • Copy of ID card and/or passport (+officially translated into Russian — for foreign students);
  • 6 passport photos (3*4 cm);
  • CV in English and Russian (reflecting your work experience and scholarly articles);
  • TOEFL 560 or IELTS 6.0 certificate (if you have this certificate);
  • Essay on «Renewable Energy Development in your country» (2 pages, font «Times New Roman», font size 12, in English);
  • A motivation letter (in English and Russian);
  • List of scientific and scientific-methodical works (if any);
  • Personal employment record sheet from place of work or notarized copy of work record book (if available);
  • Copy of military registration certificate/military card (for men);
  • Only for citizens of Kazakhstan — receipt of payment for comprehensive testing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Applications for admission to the Master's program are accepted by the Admission Committee on and through the information system Online Registration of DKU applicants.


If the following subjects are not listed in your diploma transcript, you will need to take these courses at the Kazakh- German University:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Management

Completion of these courses is a compulsory part of your application. The cost of one course is 30 000 KZT ~ 70 $. Payment should be made before the start of the course to the accounting department of DKU (Manager: Irina Rozanova).

Course duration: 2 weeks of intensive course in August — September (dates to be determined), physical presence required.

Visa. Visa is required for selected candidates from Afghanistan, Mongolia and Turkmenistan. Apply for a visa immediately after confirmation of enrollment from the DKU Admissions Office.

The application and the full package of documents (originals) must be submitted until 20 August to the Admissions Office of the Kazakh-German University.

Detailed admission conditions, information on comprehensive testing (for citizens of Kazakhstan) and its cost can be clarified here:

Candidates are eligible to apply for scholarships:

  • Scholarships for Central Asia from the USAID Power Central Asia.
  • Scholarships for women from Afghanistan, Mongolia and Central Asia from the OSCE.
  • Scholarships for tuition and/or accommodation from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
  • There is also the possibility of scholarships from partners of the Master's program «Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency», business associations and others.

The Master's program is developed with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt) in cooperation with professors from the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (HSZG), professors from DKU, etc.

Internship for students in Germany and possible employment

— The main feature of this master program is a close cooperation with representatives of business and industry in the field of renewable energy (student practice and subsequent employment in partner organizations and businesses) and regular assessment of the needs of the labor market to determine the skills required for graduates of this program.

— Contracts have been signed with companies in Kazakhstan for internships and potential selection of students for further employment with business companies in renewable energy, energy efficiency and consultancy firms related to this field.

Our alumni

The Future of Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan: Interview with Liana Baiseit (связать со ссылкой

Electricity is power: USAID helps Tajik graduate develop her community (связать со ссылкой

Contact person:

Alexey Kobzev, Head of Green Energy and Climate Change Lab., DKU,

Saniya Akhmetova, Coordinator of the Master's program «Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency», DKU,

Abylaikhan Soltanaev, Scientific Coordinator of the Master's Program «Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency», DKU,



  • Psychology and pedagogy of higher education

  • History of science and foreign language

  • Hi-tech

  • Renewable energy sources

  • Innovation, strategic and operational management

  • Economics and energy management

  • Business audit and investment analysis


Graduates of the program have the opportunity to build a career in business companies and enterprises in renewable energy and energy efficiency and consulting services related to this area.

The main feature of this master's program is close cooperation with representatives of business and industry in the field of renewable energy and regular assessment of the needs of the labor market to determine the skills needed by graduates of this program.

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