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Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Faculty of Economics & Business

This is the first specialized Master’s program in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Central Asia. The specificity of this educational program is that we invite students, undergraduate students with a technical (engineering, energy) background, who will receive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the design and management of renewable energy facilities, as well as in the management of the entire range of issues related to the development of green energy, including energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued a license to DKU for this Master's program in 2020.

This educational program was created in close cooperation with leading universities of Germany and is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the USAID Power Central Asia regional program.

The purpose of the program

The educational Master’s program is to train highly qualified specialists of international level in the field of strategic management of renewable energy and energy efficiency, who are able to manage renewable energy facilities, using the skills of strategic and innovative management, improving energy saving and energy efficiency of energy networks and decentralized sources of renewable energy, using advanced economic and managerial approaches.

An important feature of this master’s program is the transfer of German experience to Kazakhstan and in general to Central Asia, since none of the Central Asian countries has a specialized master’s programs in the management of renewable energy.

Who can apply?

Bachelors and Masters in Engineering and Technology, Thermal Power Engineering, Electric Power Engineering and other engineering and environmental professions, as well as employees of renewable energy companies and government organizations who would like to promote «green» energy in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. In addition, representatives of economic and management professions are welcome to apply.



  • Psychology and pedagogy of higher education

  • History of science and foreign language

  • Hi-tech

  • Renewable energy sources

  • Innovation, strategic and operational management

  • Economics and energy management

  • Business audit and investment analysis


Graduates of the program have the opportunity to build a career in business companies and enterprises in renewable energy and energy efficiency and consulting services related to this area.

The main feature of this master's program is close cooperation with representatives of business and industry in the field of renewable energy and regular assessment of the needs of the labor market to determine the skills needed by graduates of this program.

Foreign lecturers


Prof. Bodo Lochmann

Доктор экономических наук


PD Dr. Lutz Mez

Доктор филологии

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