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Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology

Major subjects for UNT: mathematics and physics


According to the research conducted by the International Data Corporation Agency, 60% of enterprises will have developed and begun the implementation of transition strategies to a digital economy by 2020. This means that highly qualified IT-specialists will be in demand in the labour market.
In the framework of the specialization «Information systems» three educational programmes have been started at KGU conforming to European standards:

1) «Information Engineering in Economy«;
2) «Telematics»;
3) «Mobile Computing».

KGU collaborates closely with leading universities in Germany including Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences and Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. This cooperation ensures us a leading position on the market of IT-education in Kazakhstan.

We are definitely proud of the fact that since the 7 October, 2013 KGU has been an official partner of Cisco and it is the first functioning Cisco Networking Academy in Kazakhstan. On the 17 April, 2014 KGU became an official partner of Oracle and Oracle Academy.

Educational programme «Telematics»

The term «telematics» is derived two Greek words: «tele» — distant and «matics» — moving, i.e. in movement. In another word, telematics is a remote management of IT processes. The basic principle of telematics is virtualization and intellectualization of business management in various fields. It is a relatively young profession, but a specialist in the field of telematics will be an indispensable part of any enterprise in the future. It controls the collection, use and transfer of large data over long distances, integrating individual technical components into a single information system management.



  • Programming
  • Data base
  • IT project engineering
  • Mobile Web application
  • Automation and telematics
  • Communication, multimedia, security
  • Designing and modeling business applications


Graduates of the programme «Telematics» are multi-skilled specialists in the field of IT having a good command of foreign languages. They create the digital future of the world and Kazakhstan in particular, and can work in any sector of the economy:
• Health Telematics;
• The navigation system;
• Passenger flow and Baggage Information Management at airports and railway stations;
• Security and Control System;
• Building automation (production automation) and remote control system of «Smart house»;
• Monitoring and Protection Systems;
• Automation of education;
• Telematics services (business, government, commerce, and logistics).

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