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The Student Council at Kazakh-German University StuRa is a voluntary, independent Association. It was created to improve the inner life of our university.

StuRa mission is to help the students in putting their inner potential into practice.

The Council consists of students with an active life position, initiative and desire aiming at developing student life of the university in many different ways.

StuRa goals:

  • implementation of socio-economic rights and interests of students;
  • development of priority areas of student and public life;
  • improvement and increase of efficiency of educational process in cooperation with the administration and teachers of the university;
  • organization of events that promote fulfilment and development of individual qualities of students of DKU.

Our main activity:

  • development of plans and programmes on social, economic and legal protection of students;
  • guidance to freshmen;
  • organization and participation in charity events;
  • organization of scientific and creative conferences, symposiums, seminars;
  • providing organizational and practical assistance to the administration to improve, expand and deepen students' knowledge and skills;
  • assisting in creating conditions for development of students ' individual abilities and intellectual capacity.

Students have a great opportunity to implement their ideas and initiatives that will be supported by the Council and can be effectively implemented by social forces in StuRa. If you want to have impact on and improve student life — welcome to StuRa!