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Student life should be bright and saturated. This is the main principle for StuRa, the Student Council of DKU. We want to tell about our events in detail, because behind each event there is big responsibility of StuRa members.

Picnic for students

Time: in late August (annually)

The event aims at introducing students with each other and the members of the Student Council. This is an important event for 1st year students and a very effective way of joining the university environment without stress and excitement. Active outdoor games and a friendly social atmosphere are waiting for ouruture students.

Initiation Day

Time: end of September — beginning of October

It is an important and exciting day in the life of each student, the first official student event. Fun and active cultural programme with dancing, competitions and, most importantly, performances of first year students demonstrating their talents supported by StuRa.


Time: 31 October — 3 November

All saints day is one of the most favourite holidays of children and adults worldwide. It’s a night when you can become anyone and spend the day with friends at university. There are competitions, homemade cakes and decorations in the spirit of the holiday. Preparation for the event is a good opportunity for StuRa recruits to show themselves!


Date: 26 December

The main Catholic holiday that is celebrated at our university. Despite the time of exams, students try to participate in Christmas celebrations. StuRa prepares entertainment activity and treats.

The Presidential elections of StuRa

Time: end of February — beginning of March

Student Council, like any team, needs a strong and intelligent leader. Decent candidates fight for the presidency supported by a team of associates. All students, faculty and administration participate in elections anonymously. The StuRa President is elected for a year and this is, undoubtedly, a great chance to show their leadership qualities and to become a part of university history!

Spring ball

Time: mid-April

The city celebrates the arrival of warmth and spring. And we hold a spring ball! At the event, the title of «Miss and Mr of Kazakh-German University» is granted. Contestants demonstrate their talents, resourcefulness and beauty.

Voluntary work and charity is an important component of student life at DKU. StuRa coordinates the activities and duties of charity aid for the entire academic year.

Concert «the World inside me.»

Time: end of May

It is one of the fundraisers students of DKU are actively involved in. The generated financial support is used to purchase expensive medication, but also to help children with disabilities.