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Diploma sample

Educational documents issued to graduates of the Kazakh-German University in 2021:

1. Educational documents (hereinafter documents) certifying the completion of the final certification and confirming that students fulfilled the state mandatory standard of higher and postgraduate education, are a bachelor's degree diploma, a bachelor's degree diploma with honors, a master's degree diploma, a diploma supplement.

2. Diplomas consist of:

1) hardcover

2) insert

3) supplement

3. The cover of the document is made:

1) for a bachelor's degree with honors — red color;

2) for a bachelor's degree of the usual sample — dark blue color.

3) for master's degrees — burgundy color.

4. The following elements are placed on the cover of all types of documents and made in golden color:

1) the logo of the Kazakh-German University

2) the name of the type of document «DIPLOMA»

5. The forms of inserts and supplements are printed on special paper with degrees of protection (with watermarks):

1) pale pink color-inserts of a bachelor's degree with honors and a master's degree

2) pale blue color-inserts of a bachelor's degree of the usual sample

6. On the front side of the diploma insert are placed:

1) the logo of the Kazakh-German University

2) the name of the type of document in the state language

7. On the back of the insert, in the lower left corner, there is a QR code.

8. On the inside of the insert, in the right and left parts of the diploma, the series and number of the diploma are placed at the bottom.

9. In the supplements to educational documents, the logo of the Kazakh-German University and the logo of the international accreditation agency ACQUIN are placed on the front side, in the upper right corner.