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Workshop with logistics employers

On November 23, a workshop was held at DKU with employers, undergraduates and university graduates majoring in Logistics. The purpose of the event was to supplement the curriculum on «Resource-Saving Production Logistics”, taking into account current trends and feedback from logistics companies executives, logistics managers and production specialists.

During the workshop, the following tasks were put forward:

  • To familiarize participants with the «Resource-saving production logistics» curriculum;
  • To make suggestions for improving the content of the curriculum;
  • To bring in new own ideas for modifying the curriculum.
  • All participants of the event were divided into 2 teams, each team developed the competencies of future professionals in production logistics, and also supplemented the existing curriculum based on their experience.

In the end, the national coordinator of the ProdLog (Erasmus +) project, Kegenbekov Zhandos, thanked everyone for their participation and invited all interested parties to future events to supplement and improve training programs.

Working meeting to develop a new Master's program at Clermont-Ferrand

At the University of Clermont-Ferrand (France), a working meeting of the participants of the Erasmus + project took place on June 25−26, 2019. The meeting was attended by all programm representatives from partner countries. Participants from Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan shared their experience and results in the development of a new Master's program in resource-efficient production logistics, as well as ways of disseminating information about the launch of Master's programs.

Also, a Steering group meeting took place these days, where the project management presented the main directions and tools for further work. Bottlenecks were identified and measures proposed for further elaboration.

Representatives of the University of Clermont-Ferrand conducted a tour of the university laboratories, shared scientific developments in the field of materials science, robotics, computer modeling and virtual reality.

The DKU team thanks the partners for the productive meeting and continues hard work on launching the new Master's program.

Training week for lecturers

As part of the ongoing project «ProdLog — Development of a Master's Program based on Bologna principles, on resource-efficient production logistics», March 11−15, 2019, DKU lecturers participated in training in Dingolfing / Magdeburg, Germany.

The purpose of the training in Germany was to get acquainted with the basics of lean-production in logistics, with logistics software, an overview of simulation and simulation games, as well as laboratories in Dingolfing.

The experience gained in Germany will be taken into account at DKU when developing a new Master's program in production logistics, the launch of which is planned for the 2019 academic year.

Exhibition of the results of air defense projects in Astana

October 25−26, 2018, an exhibition of Erasmus + projects was held in Astana on the basis of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

The purpose of the exhibition was to familiarize a wide range of interested parties with the results of the Erasmus + air defense projects in order to enhance their multiplier effect.

The exhibition was attended by members of teams of ongoing and completed air defense projects Erasmus+ in Kazakhstan. During the event, innovations in the content and administration of the educational process in the universities of Kazakhstan, introduced as part of the Erasmus + air defense projects, were demonstrated, innovative approaches and best practices for their implementation were presented, and conditions were created for establishing a network and for future exchange between project teams, potential beneficiaries and others stakeholders.

Kazakh-German Logistics Forum

On October 4, 2018, Kazakhstan-German University, with financial support from the Kühne Foundation, held the VI Kazakhstan-Germany Logistics Forum. The forum was dedicated to the topic «Industry 4.0 — the current state of development and innovative technologies in logistics”.

Official representatives from the Germany and Kazakhstan were invited. In total, the event was attended by about 150 guests from Germany, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan. The forum discussed achievements, future projects, as well as the possibility of improving bilateral cooperation.

The plenary meeting of the VI Kazakhstan-Germany Logistics Forum was attended by:

  • Burghard Scheel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Fraunhofer IPA),
  • Anthony Alfonz, Vice president of the European Logistics Association (ELA),
  • Saltanat Adambaeva, Deputy Director General of ANEC,
  • Marat Idrisov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of KIDI,
  • Akylbek Umetaliev, Head of the Department of Logistics, Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute at the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov,
  • Valery Lukinykh, Head of the Department of Logistics, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University.
  • The forum was moderated by Tyulyubaeva Dinara, Ph.D., associate professor at the Kazakh-German University.

After the plenary session, forum continued work in two sections:

  • «Global logistics and supply chains»,
  • «Industry 4.0 — the future of technical education»

Later industry experts discussed industry 4.0 issues in logistics, the use of blockchain technology, presented the basics of optimizing sales processes, and discussed infrastructure projects of the One Belt, One Road Initiative in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to the results of the forum, the issue of «Vestnik of Kazakh-German University” was published with articles presented at the VI Kazakhstan-Germany Logistics Forum.

  • Meeting on October 2−4, 2018

In the beginning of October, the Kazakh-German University welcomed participants of Erasmus+ project «Development of a Bologna-based Master Curriculum in Resource Efficient Production Logistics».
Representatives of the Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University, the Volga State University of Water Transport, SIGMA Clermon, the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov, the QazATC named after M. Tynishpayev, the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I. Skryabin met for further discussion of the MA program curriculum.

October, 2, were presented the results of the survey carried out among the students of the universities and the logistics companies' staff. Aim of the survey was to identify strengths of students who major in logistics. The aim of surveying logistic companies — identifying basic requirements set by managers for graduates of production logistics program. Issues in the developed BA programs were discussed based on responses of the students and business representatives. Academic modules of MA curriculum in the European universities, which may serve in future as a solid basis for creation of MA curriculum in production logistics in CIS universities, were also taken into account.

October, 3, participants of the project discussed facilities for laboratories for future MA program. Various software programs for simulations, productions planning in Logistics were considered.

October, 4, participants of the project took part in the VI Kazakhstan-Germany Logistics forum. In the second section of the forum, the issues of contemporary education in logistics were raised and project parties had a possibility to share their views and experience.

We thank all participants of the project for fruitful cooperation in Almaty!

  • Meeting on April 20, 2018

The Kazakhstan academy of transport and communication named after M. Tynyshpayev held the first monitoring meeting of CBHE Erasmus+ «585967-EPP-1−2017−1-DE-EPPKA-CBHE-JP-PRODLOG” «Development of a Bologna-based Master Curriculum in Resource Efficient Production Logistics” concortium.

The aim of the project were the education and advanced training for managers in partner-countries in resource effective production logistics, who are to meet the requirements of national and international companies in creation of industrial sector with stable and environmentally friendly methods of production. The project coordinator is the Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University and the project partners in Kazakhstan are the Kazakhstan-German University and Kazakhstan Academy of transport and communication named M. Tynyshpayev.

  • Meeting on February 13−15, 2018

First coordination meeting of the participants «Development of a Bologna-based Master Curriculum in Resource Efficient Production Logistics / ProdLog” («ERASMUS+ ProdLog — kick-off”) consortium took place in the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) February 13−15, 2018. The representatives of the Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University, the Volga State University of Water Transport, SIGMA Clermon, the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov, the KazATC named after M. Tynishpayev, the Kazakhstan-German University, the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I. Skryabin took part in the meeting.

All the universities provided brief information about the university and discussed the project work schedule.