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DKU’s Mission Statement

«We are an international university that trains the best professionals who are fluent in two foreign languages who are able to apply in practice the benefits of the German education for successful career and scientific growth.

We are contributing to sustainable development of Central Asia by integrating education and science and we have been making outstanding contribution into strengthening scientific and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany.»

Vision of DKU


Our vision, shared understanding of tasks and obligations of the Kazakh-German University (DKU) are stated herein. This vision is a basis for potential changes in the University and defines our long-term perspectives aimed to achieve set goals. It is the main criterion to assess our actions both by ourselves and by others.

1. DKU strives to integrate science and economy, openness to the world and orientation to-wards the future.
We do more than it is required by tasks and obligations and it is self-evident to us.

2. DKU's distinctive feature is a strong interconnection of research activities and practice ori-ented education.

3. DKU acknowledges its responsibility to students, future employers and society.
We therefore contribute into development of our students' key competences which are provided by set of relevant subject knowledge, social and intercultural competencies.
We strive to comply with teaching and studying requirements by providing contemporary innovative services to our students.

4. Internationalization and tolerance are the main pillars of our future.
Cooperation with a focus first of all on Germany is the main direction of the DKU’s international ac-tivity which is continuously expending and deepening.

5. Our University is a very relevant and reliable partner of business and the government. Our active support of companies and administrative authorities is focused on ecological, social and sustaina-ble development.

6. Monitoring of teaching, scientific researches and management in our University is a quality con-trol and improvement tool, provision of transparency and a basis to compare our activity in all spheres inside and outside the University.

7. We consider various forms of incentives to staff as a decisive potential to achieve our aims. Working with our employees is characterized by transparency and awareness, democratic partici-pation and settlement of conflicts. All the people who work for DKU set high requirements to achieve results and are capable and ready to take part in their implementation.

8. Our understanding of autonomy is based on support of healthy balance between independent responsibility for development of the University and necessary influence from the government.

9. DKU has a ten-year tradition of close cooperation with the universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. This and other achievements in development of the DKU as an international universi-ty and other perspectives of future partnership within the EU and outside gives us force and moti-vation to make a contribution into development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a form of an edu-cational, scientific-research and economic factor.

10. We support the balance between competence and profiling, as well as transparency and com-patibility of effectiveness and quality in all spheres of our activity.