About University

Kazakh-German University is the only international university in Central Asia, which works according to the German standard. German and Kazakh professors and practicing professionals are among our teachers.

We train specialists of a new format with an active life position, high professional and intercultural competences, and ready to solve current problems of the Central Asian region, become leaders in the scientific and business community.

Graduates of KGU continue their education at universities in Germany and other European countries, build a career in big foreign and international companies. Our university has everything you need including intensive study of two foreign languages, innovative technologies and high standards of education. It also provides opportunities for students to establish a network with future employers and representatives of scientific community to start a career successfully. We make quality higher education available to gifted young people by providing scholarship programmes and discounts.

Studying at our university requires a lot of motivation and discipline from students but gives great opportunities for their development. If you are ambitious and ready to become one of those professionals who are great role models in business community or scientific area, our doors are open to you!