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Regulations on the Olympiad for senior year pupils and college students of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1 General provisions

1.1 These regulations on the Olympiad for senior year pupils and college students of the Republic of Kazakhstan define the procedure for organizing and conducting the Olympiad, as well as the conditions and criteria for participation, and determining the winners.
1.2 The main purpose of the Olympiad is to identify creative abilities and interest in research activities among pupils and college students with a view to their further development during professional training at higher educational institutions.
1.3 The main objectives of the Olympiad are:

  • popularization of DKU specialties.
  • attracting applicants.
  • identification and development of students ' creative abilities;
  • popularization of research activities among schoolchildren;

1.4 The organizer of the Olympiad is the Educational Institution «Kazakh-German University in Almaty». The organizer has the right to attract partners on the basis of cooperation agreements.
1.5 Participants of the Olympiad can be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons who are studying on educational programs of secondary, technical and professional education in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
1.6 Participation in the Olympiad is free of charge. Financial support of the Olympiad is provided at the expense of the Organizer and co-Organizers of the Olympiad.

2 Procedure for conducting

2.1 The terms of the Olympiad are determined on the basis of a Career guidance plan for attracting applicants.
2.2 The Olympiad consists of the following stages:
2.2.1 Electronic registration of participants via the link on the organizer's website with the following information:

  • Email
  • Educational program
  • Name, Surname
  • School / College
  • Class
  • City / region
  • Telephone

2.2.2 The selection of participants is carried out with use of distance educational technologies, i.e. the participant must prepare a video of 1 minute duration and send it to the email (or post it on Instagram tagging @dkukz). The video must include information about the participant and the project. Based on the videos, a shortlist of participants who have passed stage 2 is compiled.
2.2.3 Second stage is held in an online format and is a project presentation and defense via SKYPE or ZOOM.

  • Commission is preliminary established that studies projects and prepares questions in advance;
  • time of online meeting is preliminary agreed and during which the Commission asks prepared questions.

The basic requirements for the presentations:

  • maximum of 20 slides;
  • informative slides;
  • availability of illustrative material.

Main criteria for evaluating presentation defense:

  • ability to correctly and logically express your thoughts;
  • using new information (not outdated);
  • presentation skills;
  • compliance with the time limit.

Each member of the Commission has the right to evaluate the work on a 100-point scale. The final results are announced within 2 days after the completion of the second stage, by posting information on the site
2.2.4 Results are final and not subject to appeal.

3 Organizing Committee

3.1 The Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Olympiad is the President/Rector of the Kazakh-German University.
3.2 Chairman of the organizing Committee approves the composition of the organizing Committee from among the administrative and managerial staff, professors and teachers of the educational Institution «Kazakh-German University in Almaty».

4 Commission

4.1 For the second stage of the Olympiad, a Commission is formed, which is coordinated and approved by the organizing Committee.
4.2 The Commission has the following functions:

  • evaluates the presentation and defense of the project according to the criteria set out in Chapter 2;
  • submits proposals for awarding prizes to the organizing Committee of the Olympiad;
  • makes suggestions for improving the organization of the Olympiad;
  • performs other functions aimed at achieving the goals of the Olympiad.

5 Distribution of internal scholarships based on the results of the Olympiad

5.1 Each faculty of the Kazakh-German University is awarded three scholarships for the winners of the Olympiad.