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Energy and Environment Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology

Major subjects for UNT: mathematics and physics


Educational programme «Energy and environment engineering»

A new type of economy aimed at improvement of an ecological situation and a rational use of natural resources is being actively developed in Kazakhstan. Reduction in the consumption of energy resources is the main idea of this approach. This trend generates a need for specialists in the field of energy and environment engineering.

Our university offers its students a range of knowledge and modern technology based on German know-how for the protection of the environment.

This programme ensures students to gain knowledge of design and exploitation of energy and environment equipment, as well as knowledge of energy saving and implementation of new technologies. They will be taught the ways of treating and reusing of wastewater and a wide range of industrial waste and home trash. In addition, students will master the fundamentals of economy and environment and energy management.

Our university has a modern German laboratory where students put the acquired knowledge into action.

Our students have an additional advantage of having major courses conducted by lecturers/professors from Germany.



  • Heat Engineering
  • Technics and Electronics
  • Energy and Environmental Management
  • Waste processing and storage and water treatment
  • Power Equipment
  • Renewable energy source


Graduates of this program possess skills and knowledge in the field of power engineering, as well as they have a good command of two foreign languages. They can make a career in the following areas as:

  • power engineers or environmentalists in industrial companies;
  • specialists in the application of renewable energy sources and their connection to the stand-alone or centralized system;
  • specialists in measuring equipment for determining the quality of air and water;
  • consultants.
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    Double Degree programme

    Study on Double Degree programme with international accreditation financed by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.

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    Professors from Germany

    You can attend lectures and classes conducted by professors from Germany, without leaving Kazakhstan.

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    Continuing education abroad

    You have opportunity to do internship in Germany, and after earning a bachelor’s degree you can study further there or in other countries.