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Double degree programme

«Double degree» programme

There is a possibility of a 1-year study in Germany for our students under the «Double Degree' programme. Upon completion of the program graduates receive both a German and a Kazakhstani diploma.

A good knowledge of the German language and a high level of academic achievement in all subjects are needed to apply for the programme.

DKU has partner universities in Germany under the «Double Degree» programme

How to apply for THE «DOUBLE Degree» PROGRAMme?

Candidates go through a competitive selection process consisting of three stages to be able to study under the «Double Degree' programme:

  1. «TestDaF', a language test of German proficiency
  2. Application:
    - Resume in German;
    - Motivation letter in German;
    - Copies of TestDaF certificate.
  3. The qualifying stage. The winners are selected by a special Committee, members of which are top managers of DKU and representatives of the partner universities and DAAD, the German academic exchange service.

Participation in the programme is free. Students are granted scholarships to study at partner universities in Germany.

The «Double degree» programme is a unique opportunity for students of DKU to earn a German degree and invaluable learning experience in Germany.