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Research areas

Kazakh-German University (DKU) is actively developing its potential for innovative research — both at the basis of individual disciplines, and in joint research. Intensive research network exists at the national and international levels, supported by partnerships with universities, research institutes, and businesses.

The scientific potential of the university lies in its faculties, research institutes and scientific laboratories. In recent years, the number of grants awarded to DKU scientists for fundamental and applied research, in which our students and undergraduates also participate, has been growing.

A distinctive feature of DKU is the close interweaving of research and practice-oriented learning. Since its founding, the university has been actively working to expand fundamental and applied research within faculties in priority research areas, as well as on the basis of its research institutes. In general, the scientific activities of the university are aimed at promoting the sustainable development of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region.

A key factor in the development of science at the university is the attraction of external funding from grants from national and international organizations and institutions, the commercialization and transfer of research results.

For additional information please contact:

Vice Rector for Science and Technology Transfer
Ph.D. Beimenbetov Serik
Tel .: +7 (727) 355 05 51 (ext. 238)

Director of Science and Innovation
Ph.D. Tyulyubaeva Dinara
Tel .: +7 (727) 355 05 51 (ext. 218)

Saduakasova Akbota
Tel .: +7 (727) 355 05 51 (ext. 234)