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About Centre

Most of applicants to DKU do not speak German, but successfully master it at university.

German, English and Kazakh languages are mandatory subjects of curriculum at DKU. The third year students will have the necessary level of German language for classes conducted by professors and associate professors from Germany, and the fourth year students to participate in «Double Degree» programme. Language Training & Certification Institute of DKU enables you to make your language learning effective.

We teach German, English and Kazakh languages in level systems, i.e. in groups according to students' levels. Language centre offers the following courses:

  • Professionally-oriented German and English courses;
  • Elective courses in English: Business English, Public Speaking, Academic Speaking, Academic Reading and Writing;
  • Summer German courses for 1 and 2 year students of DKU;
  • Evening language courses for everyone;
  • TestDaF preparation course.

Teachers of the Language Centre of DKU are highly qualified and experienced.

Not only do we conduct courses but we also organize events for students, teachers and guests of DKU regularly, dedicated to various holidays, as well as annual week of the German language and inter-university competition of oratory skills.

Do you still have questions? Then contact us: +7 727 355-05-51 ext. 507.