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Alumni Association

Dear graduates!

We remember and value each and every one of you, and we want to keep our ties together. You will always be a part of the Kazakh-German University.

Remember that after graduation each one of you become a member of the Alumni Association of DKU automatically and can use all the benefits, various services of the university.

We are happy if you participate in the work of the Association actively. You can become Alumni ambassadors of the DKU in Kazakhstan and beyond, to initiate joint projects with students to create and support enterprises within the university.

Our task is to make sure that graduates of DKU of different generations keep in touch not only with university, but also with each other sharing values, traditions and experience of study at our university.

You are the success story of DKU and the most important confirmation of the value of our work!

The Alumni Association of DKU

The Alumni Association of DKU is a community of friends and like-minded people. We unite both the specialists and those who have just graduated from the university and have enter the path of professional development.

Our mission is to unite creative, professional and personal potential of our graduates to achieve common goals and development of the university.

Our goals:

  • to preserve and multiply the best traditions of DKU;

  • to promote the interests of DKU and contribute to the development of the university and graduates;

  • to maintain the reputation of the university as a leading educational, research and scientific centre;

  • to assist in conducting research conforming to the objectives of DKU;

  • to create platforms for mutual communication of graduates;

  • • to strengthen and expand international connections of DKU, cooperation with other organizations, including alumni associations, as well as with public and private organizations;

  • to involve graduates in the moral and spiritual education of students;

  • to implement social projects aimed at promoting employment and assisting graduates and students of DKU to become highly qualified specialists;

  • to draw attention of the General public and the media to the activities of DKU;

  • to be involved in charity;

  • to assist in strengthening and developing the material and technical base of the university.

Participation in the development of DKU

We encourage DKU graduates to participate in the development of the university. If you want to contribute, you can participate in the programme of internships for students and undergraduates; share your experience with students; take part in the mentoring programme; propose projects to our students; provide financial support to students in need.

Application for your desire to participate in the university work, please send to We will contact you and discuss the details of your idea.

Alumni success stories

We are happy about new achievements of our graduates and try to follow the news in their professional activities. If you are our graduate and want to share your story, please email us at Feedback from each of you is important to DKU!

Alumni Ambassadors

Each graduation at DKU is unique! So many stories, personalities, bright events and victories — we remember everything and each of our students!

We believe that, over time, connections only get stronger. To maintain relations with graduates, we created a programme «Alumni ambassadors of DKU». If you want to be a representative of your graduation year, please send a request to We will contact you to discuss the details.