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Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy

Oracle is a world leader in the development of database software, Internet and cloud solutions. The company has developed several training programmes called Oracle Academy, designed for students and university professors.

Oracle Academy offers students access to the materials, resources and curriculum to explore cutting edge technologies. Technologies of programming, storage, processing and management of large amounts of information, database administration, as well as applications for business Informatization can be studied on the basis of Oracle Academy.

On April 17, 2014 KGU received the status of the Oracle Academy and has a computer lab with necessary software including complete licensed products Oracle Database 12C and Oracle SQL Developer, an integrated development environment simplifying database management.

Participation in the Oracle Academy programme will help Information Systems students of KGU to gain knowledge and proficiency in the use of SQL in DBMS Oracle Database, as well as the skills of technical English. Upon a successful completion of Oracle training courses, students have the opportunity to obtain certificates of Oracle Academy and 25% discount on international examinations.

Courses are conducted by a certified instructor candidate of Physics-Mathematics Sciences, associate Professor of KGU G. T. Temiraliyeva.