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Call for proposals for DKU Research Grant among faculty members of the DKU


The Kazakh-German University is pleased to announce a call for research proposals among its faculty members. One research grant in the amount of up to 1.000.000 Tenge can be awarded in the winter semester 2020 to cover the costs of writing and publishing a research article, a scientific monograph, implementing a field (marketing) research or conducting a scientific experiment. Research proposals can be submitted from an individual faculty member or a research group consisting of several faculty members of DKU.

Following documents must be sent to the selection сommittee:

— Cover page with project title, name, faculty, position, academic degree and title, contact information
— Detailed description of the scientific project (not more than 15 pages), including:

  1. Introduction;

  2. Relevance of the project;

  3. Methodology;

  4. Expected results;

  5. References;

  6. List of tables and graphs in a separate document (if applicable);

— Time schedule to complete the project (see the attachment);
— Budget (see the attachment)

  • A letter of recommendation from the dean of the faculty

  • List of publications for the last three years

  • Statement of non-conflict of interest (see the attachment)

Application documents can be sent to the following email address: researchgrantDKU@dku.kz

Application deadline is September 28, 2020 (by 6pm Almaty time)