The German delegation visited DKU


On September 18,.2018, the meeting with the German State Secretary Niels Annen, the German Consul General Mr. Jörg Rosenberg, Mr. Florian Leuthner, and Mrs. Veronika Gontscharov took place at the Kazakh-German University.

During the meeting, the German delegation became acquainted with the DKU, its history, its faculties and research centers.

During the negotiations, it was pointed out that regional cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany must continue to be strengthened and that the DKU plays an important role in this process. Having Germany as key reference point, the objective of the DKU in the future should be to contribute that Germany continues to enjoy good reputation within the country. In its turn, the German delegation was assured by the DKU that internationalization and digitalization will be its key development priorities in the future, and that the university will do its best to prepare its specialists in accordance with these priorities. In addition, the German delegation underlined the positive development of the Institute for Natural Resources led by Dr. Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, pointing to its important contribution to strengthening regional cooperation in the field of water.

The German delegation also highlighted the importance of water being included in the new Central Asian Strategy of the European Union as well as the fact that the DKU has already accumulated solid experience and expertise in the field of water that enables it to continue to play an important role in future.