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LogCentre Summer School 2020 application open

New Silk Road: trends and opportunities for the development of urban mobility and green logistics

The LogCentre at the Kazakh-German University (DKU), in collaboration with international partners, organizes an online summer school dedicated to the development of the transport and logistics potential of the Central Asian countries and changes in urban mobility in the context of implementation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), using the methodology of the business game «Game of Goals” from Russian experts «Green Mobility”.

This topic is becoming increasingly relevant in the context of studying and solving practical problems of social and economic transformation and increasing the sustainability of our countries, cities and the transport and logistics corridors connecting them. Central Asian countries have demonstrated political commitment to the principles of sustainable development and are implementing national plans for all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under organization of this school, special emphasis will be made on issues of infrastructure development and innovation (SDG9), sustainable urban development (SDG11), reduction of emissions and air pollution (SDG 3.9) and climate change (SDG 13).

The period of holding summer school is from 17th to 25th of August, 2020 (a combination of lectures and practical exercises) with the leading experts of the Central Asian region and Europe.

Potential participants: undergraduate and graduate students of engineering faculties of universities in Central Asia, and young professionals interested in these issues. Age of participants is up to 30 years.

Some lectures will be held in English, so potential candidates should be proficient enough to listen, perceive information and ask questions.

The top three projects can be presented at the ESCAP youth session of the multilateral online forum on North and Central Asia on the implementation of the SDGs at the end of 2020 and will be awarded prizes.

Upon completion of the five-day lecture phase, participants are invited to prepare and present their projects in front of the expert panel that are aimed at solving the problems emphasised during the summer school. Participants will receive a participation certificate in the summer school from DKU and the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from this university (developers of 3 best projects).

The winners of the summer school will receive three scholarships for first, second and third places.
Scholarships are provided for one academic year in the form of discounts for tuition.

1st place — 75% discount
2nd place — 50% discount
3rd place — 25% discount

The main topics of the summer school:

  • The main challenges in development of transport infrastructure on the «New Silk Road” in the face of climate change and pandemic threats
  • Transport emissions in cities and opportunities for their reduction.
  • Green jobs in the transport sector
  • Is it possible to make the «New Silk Road” climate neutral?
  • New modes of transport for cities and freight.
  • Logistics of small orders. The principles of the formation of a bicycle network in cities.

The topics of this summer school can become topics of diploma and master's theses and the subject of deeper study during the development of the professional career of participants.

The number of participants of summer courses is limited, so interested candidates are invited to fill out and send an application for registration with contact details and a brief summary describing the reason for their interest in this topic

Participants of the summer school who sent applications by July 12, 2020 will be notified of admission by July 25, 2020.

Application form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_kZg0wrfUw6l6s8U2piGPcOO-WcdWxLtwmWr90WsMQQ/viewform?edit_requested=true

For all questions, please contact the project coordinator Yerzakovich Yelena and project assistant Nadira Jeldogutova logcentre@dku.kz

Students from Central Asia who are interested in graduate studies at DKU are offered the opportunity to receive a scholarship for their first year of study

For more information about the master's program, please click on the link.

Scholarship conditions:

Scholarships to study

The best foreign MA applicants will receive a scholarship of 50% of the cost of training for the first year of study according to the results of a bachelor's degree. A prerequisite for a scholarship is good and excellent grades for undergraduate studies.

Scholarships for accommodation

Nonresident and foreign applicants for good academic performance at DKU are provided with scholarships for accommodation.

If a foreign MA applicant wishes to receive a scholarship for residency, he must pass the DKU internal competition.

Scholarships for accommodation are distributed on the basis of:

internal DKU testing + oral interview in English + undergraduate results.

For all questions, contact the DKU International Office by e-mail: int_office@dku.kz