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Issues of sustainable energy development of Kazakhstan were touched on webinar on June 5, 2020

On June 5, 2020, the sixth webinar on the theme «Sustainable development of energy of Kazakhstan” was held, which is part of a series of webinars on key environmental issues of Kazakhstan.

The initiators of the discussions are the Kazakh-German University together with the Dosym Satpayev Private Foundation with the support of the OSCE Center in Nursultan, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan, as well as online eco-magazine LIVEN. Living Asia.

The webinar consisted of two components: the first was presentations from environmental experts and the second was a discussion and answers to participants' questions.

During the presentations, information was presented on the main challenges for stable energy development of Kazakhstan, on the problems of energy development of Kazakhstan, with emphasis on transfer/distribution of energy and blockchain technologies and RES, on the development plan of the energy system of Kazakhstan, as well as given recommendations in this direction.

«It is important to note that at the moment it is necessary to develop a common vision in the industry, which would take into account the real outlook on existing reserves, capacity disposal, input capacity of traditional generation, introduction of renewable energy facilities, introduction of maneuverable capacities, questions of potential power deficit taking into account the development of Kazakhstan's economy”, — Mr. Timur Shalabayev, executive director of Solar Power Association of Kazakhstan.

Figure 1 Presentation by Mr. Timur Shalabayev, Executive Director of Solar Power Association of Kazakhstan.

«Energy problems in Kazakhstan are related to power sources, distribution, consumption and energy saving. These are not only problems of the present, but can also become a problem of the future. Therefore, what we pledge today in energy will be decided not today, but tomorrow. We need to think carefully about what basis we will lay for the energy of tomorrow.”, — Prof., Dr. Herman Trofimov, independent expert on energy of Kazakhstan.

«Within the framework of our Project, we developed a scenario consideration of possible trajectories of development of the power system of Kazakhstan and developed a plan for development of generation and transmission system energy according to them. And here the main thing is to choose sustainable development, which will provide minimal costs and, at the same time, technical reliability and safety under the most possible scenarios of development.”, — Mr. Armen Arzumanyan, Head of the USAID Regional Program «Energy of the Future” (Figure 2)

Webinar recording is available at the link.

For more information, please contact Maria Genina, Kazakh-German University, genina@dku.kz

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