Central Asian Mediation Forum, March 27−28, 2020

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, The Kazakh-German University and the Private Institution Center for Mediation and Law «Parasat”, invites all interested parties to participate in the Central Asian mediation forum on March 27 — 28, 2020.

The purpose of the forum: to create a permanent international dialogue platform to promote international mediation in Central Asia.

Within the framework of the forum it is planned to conduct:

  • a round table to discuss problems and prospects for the development of international mediation in Central Asia,
  • workshops of experts in the mediation field and conflict management, the negotiation process, discussion of successful practices and mediation cases.
  • an international competition among youth teams of mediators and negotiators in Central Asia. The competition will be the first educational innovative project aimed at institutionalizing the network of young mediators in Central Asia.

The purpose of the competition: promotion of mediation and negotiation tools to resolve conflict situations, development of mediation skills in the youth and intercultural environment, an open exchange of ideas and experience between students and professionals, stimulation of the teaching of mediation courses in universities of Central Asia.

The competitive program consists of the following stages:

  • test questions on the development of worldwide mediation,
  • mediation tournaments.

The jury will consist of mediation centers representatives, universities, government agencies, public associations, the scientific community and business structures.

Participation in the forum is free.

Forum languages: Kazakh, Russian, German, English.

To participate in the forum as an expert, master class trainer, participant, please register at the following link https://forms.gle/xTDVgMrHjFuCbgzj9

Please send all your questions regarding participation in the forum to the following address: camediationforum@gmail.com

The participants of the forum bear all expenses for travel and accommodation on their own.