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«Central Asia Sustainable Development Program» Summer School at DKU

On August 15, 2022 the summer school «Central Asia Sustainable Development Program» started at the Kazakh-German University!

Kazakh-German University promotes sustainable development in Central Asia by integrating education and science. DKU is now focusing on sustainable development issues in its academic work, and has accumulated specific knowledge and specific know-how in this area.

The aim of the summer school is not only to introduce students to the basics of sustainable development in Central Asia and to impart specific knowledge, but also to give students a first insight into student life, to introduce them to the specialties our university offers, and to awaken and deepen students' interest in the German language.

The summer school is divided into thematic units: Economics, Social Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Sciences. During the week the faculties will introduce students to one of the thematic blocks by presenting them with tasks that they can solve through interesting experiments. Students will also have interactive German language classes.

In addition, the students will take part in practical thematic excursions that will enable them to see the application of sustainable industry approaches in natural resource management. In addition, the summer school will be accompanied by a cultural program to introduce the foreign participants to the culture and life of Kazakhstan.