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Lecture «Intermodal Transportation»

On September 26, 2022, Professor Johannes Rentschler gave a lecture to DKU students!

Topic of the lecture: Intermodal Transportation.

Lecturer: Johannes Rentschler, M.Sc., researcher at the Department of Management and Logistics, Technical University of Darmstadt.

During the lecture the following topics were touched upon:

  • The study of dynamic predictions of expected arrival times in combined transports;
  • route planning with dynamic predictions of expected arrival times;
  • analysis of transportation opportunities on the Trans-Caspian railway route.

The lecture was attended by:

  • Students in the Transportation Logistics education program.
  • Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Zhandos Kegenbekov.
  • Teachers: Stefan Dilfer and Dinara Tyulyubaeva.