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High-Level Meeting with Satbayev University

On September 7, 2022 a high-level meeting with the delegation of Satbayev University (SU) was held at Kazakh-German University (DKU). The participants of the meeting were the president of the DKU Prof. Dr. Wolrad Rommel, Rector A. Azhibayeva, guest lecturer from Germany Sh. Dilfer, Presidential assistant A. Zhusupova, SU Rector M. Begentayev, Director of International Cooperation Department A. Abdykalikov, Director of Project Management Institute B. Amralinova.

«Dear Meiram Begenthayev," said President Rommel, «I would like to begin by outlining the topics and directions of our conversation, namely: 1) creation of joint educational programs; 2) strengthening the laboratory base; 3) development of science and innovative technologies; and 4) green energy. (…) DKU expresses its readiness to help SU in introduction of German model (education-science-research) and in development of engineering specialties».

After the DKU president's speech, SU Rector Meiram Begenthayev agreed to a number of suggestions and continued: «If we talk about the development of science and innovative technologies in industry, there is no doubt that Germany and German universities are the leaders in this field. We could learn a lot from each other. (…) Our management is ready to provide not only all the necessary infrastructure for holding guest lectures by German professors at Satbayev University, but also to enable German geologists to conduct their field studies on the basis of our university.

At the end the parties thanked each other for the meeting and expressed readiness to cooperate in a new format.