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Preparatory course at DKU

Dear applicants!

An entry for a preparatory course has been opened, which will begin on September 26, 2022.

The course program allows you to prepare for the UNT (includes mandatory and specialized subjects), fill in gaps in knowledge, technically and psychologically prepare for the successful passing of the UNT by passing trial tests.

The course also includes preparation for passing the entrance procedure for admission to DKU and allows you to participate in a competition for a DKU scholarship. The best students will be awarded a scholarship immediately after the course, the rest take part in the general competition for a scholarship.

The course consists of 2 blocks: the «Basic» Program and the «Profile» Program. The basic program (block 1) is mandatory for everyone, as it is designed to prepare for the UNT and these subjects are mandatory when passing the UNT. In the profile program (block 2), subjects are selected depending on the chosen educational program, a foreign language can also be selected.

Block 1. Basic Program (compulsory subjects) 200 acad. hours:

  • Mathematical literacy;
  • History of Kazakhstan.

Block 2. Profile Program (subjects are selected depending on the educational program):

  • Geography for Marketing, Finance, Management, Logistics educational programs;
  • Physics for Energy and Environmental Engineering educational program;
  • World History for International Relations educational program;
  • English/German language groups are formed by levels (when choosing English or German, specify the level);
  • Computer Science for Telematics, Mobile computing, Information Engineering in Economics educational programs.

One subject includes 100 academic hours (one academic hour is 40 minutes).

Course duration: about 6 months

Number of people in a group: from 5−6 to 15 people

Place of classes: Kazakh-German University

Course format: offline

Registration for the courses takes place from 08/15/2022 to 09/23/2022 at the link or by email

Contact details:

8 (727) 355 05 51 internal 250, mobile. +7 775 516 70 46

Additional information is available during working hours (Mon-Fri) from 8.00 to 17.00 (lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00)