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DKU students visited the Green Recycle waste Sorting Complex

1300 tons of garbage!

That is how much garbage is delivered daily to the Green Recycle waste sorting complex, which is located in the Alatau district of Almaty. On April 13, 2022, a student team consisting of students from DKU, Satbayev University and KazNU with the support of the ECO DKU club and the ecological movement Recycle Birge visited Green Recycle to get acquainted with the activities of the complex.

The students learned about the process of waste treatment and extraction of secondary raw materials: cardboard, cellophane, glass, plastic and metal for further processing. This waste management system reduces the environmental burden on the city's environment.

For all participants of the excursion, the trip once again showed the importance of sorting all waste, as well as reducing consumption in general. It is these actions that will later help us in solving pollution problems.

Dear DKU graduates, students and staff!

We offer you a little activity:

  • analyze your garbage accumulated in one day at your home;
  • see what of this can be recycled and/or reused.

Such an analysis will help not only in matters of processing, but also in matters of consumption, lifestyle.

Participants of DKU student eco-club ECO, if necessary, will help you to understand the markings and find waste collection points. They have a lot of expertise on many issues and tasks, which they received independently and during their internship at Recycle Birge. Sorting for them is not just a single action, but a value built into the lifestyle.

On behalf of University, we express our gratitude to Aliya Salmenova (Recycle Birge) and the staff of Green Recycle for an exciting excursion and new knowledge.