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DKU announces a competition among students!

Dear students!

DKU announces a competition among students studying on a paid basis at the Kazakh-German University to award vacant educational grants based on the results of the summer examination session of the 2021−2022 academic year.

The competition is held on the basis of paragraph 4 «The procedure for awarding vacant educational grants to pay for higher or postgraduate education with the award of a bachelor's or Master's degree, released in the process of obtaining higher or postgraduate education» of the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 23, 2008 No. 58 «On approval of the Rules for awarding an educational grant to pay for higher or postgraduate education». postgraduate education".

The competition is open to students studying on a paid basis at the Kazakh-German University who have submitted documents for participation in the competition, in the context of groups of educational programs, courses and forms of study based on the results of intermediate certification.

The award of vacant educational grants released in the process of obtaining higher and (or) postgraduate education is carried out during the summer and winter holidays for the available vacant places on a competitive basis in the following order:

  • a student on a paid basis submits an application to the head of the OVPO for further training under an educational grant of higher or postgraduate education;
  • the received applications are considered at the meeting of the Academic Council;
  • the documents of the student, whose candidacy is approved by the decision of the Academic Council, are sent to the MES RC for decision-making.

The main requirement for candidates is good academic performance and a high GPA score for the corresponding period of study.

At the moment there are 6 vacant grants:

1. The direction of personnel training 6B071 «Engineering and engineering».

Educational program «Energy and environmental engineering».

— 1 course /5 places.

Of these:

  • according to the quota for rural youth — 2 places
  • according to the quota for a large family — 1 place
  • regular grant — 2 places

2. The direction of personnel training 6B061 «Information and communication technologies».

Educational programs «Information engineering in economics», «Telematics», «Mobile computing».

— 2nd year/ 1st place (regular grant).

The deadline for accepting applications for participation in the competition is July 24, 2022.

Contact tel. 3550551, internal 209, e-mail:

Sample application

To the Rector of the Kazakh-German

A.A. Azhibayeva University

from a student of the ___ course of the faculty


educational programs


Full name ______________________________


I ask you to transfer me from tuition on a paid basis to study under a state educational grant. I agree to publish my GPA score in the public domain.