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Aral Sea Summer School 2022

How was it?

Let's take a little look at the program of the participants:

Day 1 — Lecture on «Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability» with special emphasis on the following areas:

Water and Climate for Economic Prosperity.
Groundwater for Sustainability.
The lecture helped students become familiar with the Aral Sea region and its major issues.

Day 2 — Students learned about:

Technical aspects of groundwater management at UNESCO.
GWP ToolBox, which allowed students to see possible solutions to water crises in the Prearalie region. GWP ToolBox IWRM ActionHub, an online knowledge platform that supports and connects water professionals in designing and implementing IWRM actions.
During these activities, students were divided into working groups according to the topic.

Day 3−4 — Visiting Barsakelmes SNR! Students were able to understand the activities of local authorities, international organizations and the involvement of local communities in the conservation of biodiversity in the Aral Sea region.

During this day, participants were able to see the hydraulic structure that serves to maintain water levels in the coastal lake system, as well as the Kokarala Dam, which maintains water levels in the North Aral Sea and saves it from further drying up.

A visit to Kaskakulan allowed students to understand the activities of local government, international organizations and local community involvement in biodiversity conservation in the Aral Sea region.

Students saw the Kokaral Dam, which preserves the dwindling waters of the Syr Darya River and supports (and tries to revive) the damaged ecology of the Northern Aral Sea, at the expense of addressing the fate of the larger Southern Aral Sea.

During the last day of the SS the students presented their ideas on solving water problems in the Aral Sea basin on the basis of tools and information collected during field visits.

We would like to thank the participants for providing photos from the field trip.

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