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A discussion on the topic «Global food security on a global scale» was held in Almaty within the framework of the CAWa Green Summer School

The round table was organized by the Kazakh-German University within the framework of the official visit of the State Secretary of the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany Dr. Ophelia Nick, together with representatives of the Department of International Cooperation and World Food, with the Department for International Work on expanding cooperation with Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia and with scientists of Julius Kuhn Federal Research Institute of Cultivated Plants.

Dr. Ophelia Nick has been associating her activities for many years not only with politics, but also with the preservation of the environment and the development of agriculture.

Together with Dr. Ophelia Nick, the round table was attended by scientists and young specialists, participants of the CAWa Green Summer School, representing various scientific areas of environmental policy research. They offered their unique approaches and technologies to solve current problems.

As part of the implementation of the food security plan of Kazakhstan until 2024, the participants of the round table identified key issues on:

  • development of the agro-industrial complex;
  • production of organic products;
  • provision of food to the population.