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Academic Improvement

At the CRGE’s Academic Improvement Unit, we foster a culture of success which helps faculty, students and young scholars within and outside the Kazakh-German University building and improving their academic writing, research and presentation skills. Providing independent expertise, the Unit offers comprehensive programs aimed at supporting various target groups at different stages of their work.

Our programs and services are designed to enhance the ability to publish scientific papers and to communicate results to international audiences. We also provide tailored learning support and one-on-one services in Russian, English and German to all DKU’s undergraduates and graduates. Based on state-of-the-art technological approaches, our advisors and writing support staff will help you successfully achieve your student and research goals.

In tandem with the DAAD-Information Centre Kazakhstan, Academic Improvement also holds one day training workshops about «Doing a PhD in Germany”, usually every one to two years alternately in Almaty and Nursultan.

  • DKU Academic Improvement

  • External Academic Improvement

Detailed information is available at the link below: http://www.crge-dku.kz/