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Dr. Niels Thevs

Research Interests

  • Sustainable land use

  • Sustainable water resource management

  • Agroforestry systems

Subjects taught

  • Water Resources, Water Quality and Treatment

Scientific works

  • 2021 — Biochar for climate-change mitigation and restoration of degraded lands Njenga M, Sundberg C, Kätterer T, Roobroeck D, Thevs N

  • 2021 — Water productivity of Paulownia tomentosa x fortunei (Shan Tong) in a plantation at Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Baier C, Thevs N, Villwock D, Emileva B, Fischer S

  • 2021 — Agro-economy of tree wind break systems in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Thevs N, Aliev K

  • 2021 — Water Productivity of Tree Wind Break Agroforestry Systems in Irrigated Agriculture — an example from Ferghana Valley, Kyrgyzstan, Thevs N, Aliev K, Lleshi R

  • 2021 — Water Productivity of Poplar and Paulownia on Two Sites in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Thevs N, Baier C, Aliev K

  • 2021 — Growth Rates of Poplar Cultivars across Central Asia, Thevs N, Fehrenz S, Aliev K, Begaiym E, Fazylbekov R, Kentbaev Y, Qonunov Y, Qurbonbekova Y, Raissova N, Razhapbaev M, Zikirov S

  • 2020 — Farmers' Perceptions of Tree Shelterbelts on Agricultural Land in Rural Kyrgyzstan, Ruppert D, Welp M, Spies M, Thevs N

  • 2019 — Water consumption of tree wind break systems in Central Asia, Thevs N, Aliev K

  • 2019 — Tree Wind Breaks in Central Asia and Their Effects on Agricultural Water Consumption, Thevs N, Gombert A J, Strenge E, Lleshi R, Aliev K, Emileva B

  • 2019 — Восстановление лесных ландшафтов на Кавказе и в Центральной Азии, Thevs N


  • University of Central Asia