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Maryna Peter

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

Research Interests/ Subjects taught

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Scientific works

  • Projects managed in the role of the senior research scientist at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

  • Project manager (PM) of the SDC project hands4health — hand hygiene, water supply and sanitation in primary health care facilities and schools not connected to functional water supply systems (Partners: Terre des hommes, Skat Foundation, MSF, Cesvi, Swiss TPH, EPFL, Martin Systems, RANAS, University of Maiduguri, PPU)

  • PM of the Humanitarian innovation fund project: Finding the appropriate household water filter for emergencies (Partners: HIF ELRHA, FCDO, Oxfam, Cesvi, Faircap, Jerry)

  • PM of the SDC project on WASH education in Central Asia (Partners: Swiss Development and Cooperation, German-Kazakh University

  • PM of the Humanitarian innovation fund project: Scale up of Gravit`eau Handwashing systems in emergencies (Partners: HIF ELRhA, DFID, Terre des hommes, Gravit`eau)

  • PM of the Humanitarian innovation fund project on selecting household water filters in emergencies: guidelines and field testing manual for practitioners (Partners: HIF ELRHA, DFID)

  • Co-lead of the project: Online water quality and integrity control in membrane-based Water for Injections systems (Innosuisse, BWT, bNovate; budget: 360`000 CHF)

  • PM: Compendium: water supply systems for emergencies (German WASH Network, SDC: Swiss Humanitarian Aid)

  • Co-lead of the project: Recycling water for handwashing in refugee camps in water scarce regions (Partners: Terre des hommes, Swiss Solidarity, Gravit`eau)

  • PM of the project Compendium: Drinking water systems and technologies from source to consumer (partners: EU Water4India, Eawag, WHO)

  • Partner in Integrated approach to ensure drinking water quality, improved sanitation and hygienic in Palestinian territotries (partners: Cesvi, UNICEF)

  • Co-lead of the project: Water for Injection (partner: BWT)

  • Project manager of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund project on Evaluation of household water filters in Emergencies (Partners: HIF ELRHA, DFID, Cesvi, Caritas)

  • Co-lead of the project: Membrane filtration for community water kiosks in schools in Uganda: (Partners: Symphasis and Water for Life Foundations, Eawag)

  • Co-lead of the project: Assessment of WASH in schools in Tajikistan, (partner: Oxfam)

  • Partner in Assessment of WASH infrastructure in District Hospitals in Tanzania and Vietnam (Partners: EPFL, Swiss TPH, Symphasis foundation)