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Jenniver Sehring

PhD in Political Science

Research Interests

  • Water Governance, Comparative Politics, Water Diplomacy, International Relations, Social Anthropology, Gender Studies

Scientific works

  • Sehring, Jenniver (2020). «Unequal distribution: Academic knowledge production on water governance in Central Asia.» Water Security 9: 100057.

  • Sehring, Jenniver, Dinara R. Ziganshina, Marton Krasznai and Thijs Stoffelen (2020): «International actors and initiatives for sustainable water management” In: The Aral Sea Basin: Water for Sustainable Development in Central Asia. Edited by Stefanos Xenarios, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Manzoor Qadir, Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, Iskandar Abdullaev, Routledge: p. 155−175.

  • Barua, Anamika, Rozemarijn ter Horst, Jenniver Sehring, Christian Brethaut, Lena Salame, Aaron Wolf, Barbara Janusz Pawletta, Emmanuel Manzungu, and Alan Nicol (2019): «Universities' partnership: the role of academic institutions in water cooperation and diplomacy.» International Journal of Water Resources Development : 1−7.

  • Xenarios, Stefanos, Abror Gafurov, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Jenniver Sehring, Sujata Manandhar, Chris Hergarten, Jyldyz Shigaeva, Marc Foggin (2018): Climate change and adaptation of mountain societies in Central Asia: uncertainties, knowledge gaps, and data constraints. Regional Environmental Change.−018−1384−9

  • Sehring Jenniver & Esra Buttanri (2017): The Aarhus Centres Network — 15 Years of OSCE Support to Address Environment and Security Challenges at Local Level. In: IFSH (ed.): Yearbook on the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Baden-Baden: Nomos.

  • Sehring, Jenniver (2009): Path dependencies and institutional bricolage in post-Soviet water governance. In: Water Alternatives 2 (1): 61−81

  • Sehring, Jenniver & Alfred Diebold (2012): From the Glaciers to the Aral Sea: Water Unites. Berlin: Trescher Verlag.

  • Sehring, Jenniver (2009): The Politics of Water Institutional Reform in Neopatrimonial States. A Comparative Analysis of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag.