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Lutz Mez

Dr. habil. and venia legendi in Political Science


Political Science and Economy,
Social History and Scandinavian languages
Freie Universität Berlin

Research Interests

  • environmental and energy policy
  • energy and industrial policy in industrialized countries
  • energy and electrical engineering

Working Experience

Company: Berlin Energy Consultants,
Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies (established in 2009)
City/Country: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Managing Director
Research/Activity areas: Caspian region studies, energy policy

Company: Environmental Policy Research Centre
City/Country: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Executive Director
Research/Activity areas: Environmental Policy

Company: Roskilde University
City/Country: Rosklide, Denmark
Occupation: Visiting Professor
Research/Activity areas: Department of Environment, Technology and Social Studies

Company: Freie Universität Berlin
City/Country: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Senior Research Fellow
Research/Activity areas: Energy and environmental policy issues

Company: Berlin Institute for Future Research
City/Country: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Researcher and director
Research/Activity areas: Research on nuclear power and atomic technology, taking corporate analysis and general energy policy


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