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Tatyana Vitalyevna Brekalova

Senior Lecturer, Master of Arts

Research area/research area of interest

  • vocabulary;
  • idiomaticity, metaphorical speech;
  • professionally-oriented language;
  • innovations in language learning;
  • academic language.

Total number of publications during the whole period of activity, including international publications — 13 textbooks, manuals; 5 dictionaries (co-authorship), 8 articles

Research papers

Textbooks, manuals, dictionaries

  • Business English-Kazakh-Russian dictionary (co-authored by P. Yelubayeva and K. Esenova) Almaty, 2010.
  • English for specific purposes (English textbook for 4th year students), co-authored by Z. K. Zhanazarova, Almaty, 2011, (272 pages.)

Published articles

  • «Peculiarities of simultaneous interpreters' work and training «Vestnik of KazUIR & WL, 2010 (5 pages)
  • «Problems of teaching metaphors in intercultural communication: different approaches» in the materials of the Republican scientific-practical conference «Current problems of teacher training courses in the light of the state programme of Kazakhstan 2011−2012», dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Professor p. G. Kozlov. KazUIR & WL. Abylay Khan, Almaty, 2011. (pp.59−63)
  • «Teaching English for Specific Purposes to the Specialists of International Relations at Higher Education in Kazakhstan: experience and challenges» co-authored by B. Tokbergenova, Proceedings of International Conference «Prospects of EU-Central Asia Relations», August 2014 (15 pages.) (