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Andrey Yurevich Korablin

Associate Professor, Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences

Research area/research area of interest

Total number of publications during the whole period of activity including international publications — 22, including 1 international (Latvia)

Research papers

  • Elliott wave principle (co-authored with A. Vasilyev). EU and Central Asia: strategy for a new partnership. VI International Scientific conference, KGU. March 25−26, 2009. Almaty, 2009, pp. 50−57
  • Basel II (co-authored with A. Vasilyev). The Way to Europe: a model for EU-Central Asia cooperation. VII International Scientific conference, KGU. March 1, 2010.-Almaty, 2010, pp.64−68
  • Econometrics. Manual, Almaty: Alla prima, 2009, 75 p
  • The Elliott wave principle. Manual (co-authored with A. Vasilyev), Almaty: Alla prima, 2009, 40 p.
  • History of numbers. Manual. Almaty: Alla prima, 2012, 24 p.
  • Statistics. Collection of tasks.- Almaty: Alla prima, 2012−45 p
  • Statistics. Manual for students of Evening Department, Almaty: Alla prima, 2014, 73 p.
  • Mathematics. Manual for students of Evening Department. Almaty: Alla prima, 2014, 123 p.