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Beisenbek Ziabekovich Ziabekov

Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor of economics

Research area/research area of interest
Theory of money and credit

Total number of publications during the whole period of activity including international publications — 150 including 12 international

Research papers

  • Issues of exchange rate regulation. (Деловая неделя (Business week), 2012, October № 36)
  • State supervision in the financial sector: what should it be?, Business week, 2013 January № 4
  • Agricultural lending: problems and ways of improvement, 2012, December, № 48.
  • A proposal to improve the system of agricultural lending was prepared, December 2013.
  • A proposal was prepared to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the «Comprehensive programme of financial sector development until 2030», February 2014
  • International conference at Ryskulov University, «Quality of education as the main factor of intellectual nation formation in Kazakhstan», January 2014.
  • A letter of proposal was prepared to the Chairman of the Committee on social and cultural development of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on some aspects of the education system development in the Republic of Kazakhstan», May 2015.
  • Insurance as a tool for sustainable development of agriculture, a scientific journal «Problems of the agricultural market», 2016.
  • About modernization of the education system, a scientific journal, Vestnik of Turan University, 2016.
  • Proposal to the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on land reform», 2016
  • Proposal to the Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on monetary policy»;