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Olga Georgievna Zakrzhevskaya

Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences / Associate Professor

Research area/research area of interest
International Relations

Total number of publications during the whole period of activity including international publications — 29

Research papers

  • Issues of national security in the context of integration processes. // Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical conference «Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the focus of modern International Relations». 11−12 April 2001. Almaty, 2001.
  • European integration: challenges and prospects. // Vestnik, Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages, 2001, 3.
  • International terrorism as a global issue. Is there a solution? // Proceedings of the International conference «Central Asia after the war in Afghanistan: new threats», Almaty, 27 February 2002. — Almaty, 2002.
  • World order: multipolarity or unipolarity? The view from Europe and the United States. // Kazakhstan-Spectrum, 2004, 2.
  • Integration of Central Asia: expectations, realities, trends. // Materials of the round table (11 April 2007) Message by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev «New Kazakhstan in the new world», strategy of the next stage of the country's development. — Almaty, 2007.
  • Democratization of the world as an extension of the security space. // Proceedings of the International conference «Modern world: dominant development strategies». 26−27 February 2007-Almaty, 2007.
  • International conference «Modernization processes in Central Asia: model of the future». Information. Almaty, 28−29 April 2004. // Kazakhstan in global processes. — 2004, 2.
  • Integration possibilities in Central Asia. // Kazakhstan-Spectrum. — 2007, 2.
  • Democratization of the modern world as a Western strategy. // Proceedings of the international conference «the Modern world: defining development strategies. Almaty, 26−27 February 2007. — Almaty, 2007.
  • Scientific review. Integration processes at the beginning of the XXI century. Manual for students — Almaty, KGU, 2017.