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Marzhan Sholpankulovna Kulymbayeva

Associate Professor, Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences

Research area/research area of interest

  • current problems of higher education/ current state of research and development in the field of nanotechnology,
  • radio engineering,
  • electronics and telecommunications.

Total number of publications during the whole period of activity including international publications — 89 including 11international

Research papers

  • The motion of viscous incompressible fluid in the reactor with a fixed granular layer // «Izvestia of the Kazakh SSR», the mathematics series, 1987, No. 3, pp. 75−78.
  • The motion calculation of viscous incompressible fluid in the process apparatus with stationary granular layer //Proc.: current issues of thermo physics and physical hydro-gas dynamics. Novosibirsk: ITF so an SSSR, 1988, pp. 200−206.
  • Experimental study of turbulent flow in a pipe having a porous insert made of grids / / Collection of reports of the scientific school-conference."Current problems of fluid and gas mechanics". — Irkutsk: Irkutsk computing centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1988, p. 210.
  • Research of aerodynamics of devices with a stationary granular layer // Journal of applied mechanics and technical physics. — 1990, (4) pp. 128−133.
  • Structure of turbulent channel flow with a porous insert made of fine-meshed nets //proceedings of the II-CIS Joint seminar «Hydrodynamic stability and turbulence.» — Alma-Ata: Kazakh State University, 1992, pp. 90−91.
  • Regularities of the channel flow with a porous partition / / Proceedings of the International scientific-practical conference «Problems of computational mathematics and information technologies». — Almaty: KazNU, Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, 1999, pp.185−188.
  • Development of engineering thinking of students by means of research work / / Collection of materials on Energy, telecommunications and higher education in modern conditions. (Proceedings of the 4th international scientific and technical conference) Almaty: AIEC, 2004, pp. 266−267.
  • The quality of technical specialists training in credit technology, «Vestnik KazATC», 2010, (5), pp. 245−247.
  • Application of nanostructure materials in modern Infocommunications / / Proceedings of the XXXVI Republican scientific-practical conference «Partnership of science and business is the basis of quality education», KazATC, Almaty, 2012, pp. 33−37.
  • Prospects of application of photonic crystal fibres to increase information transfer speed/ /Collection of materials «Structural changes and development of society: proceedings of the XI Annual international scientific and practical conference», KGU, Almaty, 2014, pp. 304−308.